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Yumble Review: The Only Meals My Kids Enjoy

It’s not only made mealtime a cinch (and made my daughter actually happy to eat dinner), but this busy momma can finally relax after work!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come home from work, spent almost an hour prepping dinner, only for my 4-year-old to refuse to eat what’s on her plate. (It’s exhausting.). Until I ordered Yumble with my daughter. 

Yumble: this mom’s “secret weapon” for feeding her picky eater

I’ve learned from long experience what NOT to do with my daughter. Even if her food preferences seem to change with every different day.  

But it wasn’t until a friend of mine recommended Yumble that I finally managed to bring some peace to mealtime. 

Yumble is a food delivery service for kids that’s helped me make mealtime after a long day stress-free for the first time in ages. 

Now I have to admit: at first, I was very skeptical. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend $7.99 on a meal for just one of my three kids.

“What if she still won’t eat any of the meals?” I wondered.

My Ordering Experience

So I texted Yumble about this, and they told me about their “happiness guarantee.” If my daughter didn’t love her meals, they’d be sure to make it right. 

Once I selected my daughter’s meal plan (I chose 8 meals a week to start), it only took a few days for the meals to arrive at my doorstep, ready to eat.

And while I love the variety of different Yumble meals, my daughter loves how simple the ingredients are. Take a look at what she ate that first week:

Spiral pasta with marinara sauce, green beans and dessert. Plain ravioli and broccoli bites. Pizza pocket and broccoli parm. Gluten-free and veggie-packed mac and cheese with chicken nuggets. Classic chicken meatballs with organic corn. 

I couldn’t believe how quickly my 4-year-old gobbled up everything on her plate!

Yumble Mealtime With My Kids

The best part is I can cook for the rest of the family and then just pop one of Yumble’s fully-cooked meals in the microwave for my youngest — no stress, no temper tantrums.

And if I’m really busy, I order extra Yumble meals for my other kids and have my oldest prepare it for herself and her sisters.

It’s such a lifesaver knowing my kids can make their own meals at home without mom! Plus, it teaches kids independence at an even earlier age.  

Yumble’s been such a hit that my picky 4 year-old now comes to me asking when she can pick her next meals (a real miracle after a year of food fights). 

Best of all, Yumble “sneaks” in healthy ingredients (for instance, their mac and cheese has a hidden serving of cauliflower your picky eater probably won’t even notice), so I can be sure my kid is getting the nutrients she needs.

It’s not only made mealtime a cinch (and made my daughter actually happy to eat dinner), but this busy momma can finally relax after work!

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