Meet the Dorsia App: The HACK To Get Impossible Reservations

If trying the best restaurants that are impossible to get a reservation is your thing, the Dorsia app is the perfect tool.

Yes, we’re writing about Dorsia — and no, this isn’t a restaurant review from American Psycho. This is a review of the Dorsia app that enables members to secure hard-to-get reservations. This member’s only app provides its approved users with access to the hardest to get restaurant reservations in NYC, LA, and Miami. And given that it has the perfect name (in American Psycho, Patrick Bateman and his Wall Street colleagues consider a reservation at Dorsia the ultimate status symbol), we couldn’t wait to try it.

We’ll give you the conclusion up front. To love Dorsia, you must love to dine out — and be willing to pay for the privilege. Some of the hardest-to-get restaurants will guarantee a table during their busiest hours through Dorsia, but only if you agree to spend a certain minimum amount. And sometimes that’s a lot more than we’d like to spend at certain restaurants, but it’s a great deal other times. It depends on the restaurant, day, and time.

Inside Of The Member’s Only Dorsia App

I’m looking at the Dorsia app right now in New York. At the top of my feed is the Temple Bar, a pretty iconic cocktail bar complete with an Andy Warhol disco ball. For a table tomorrow, Friday night (they’re completely booked up on Resy), I have my choice of reservations every half hour from five to seven p.m. Honestly, not a bad way to impress a date before dinner. 

The catch? We’d have to spend $90/per person. Looking at the menu, it’s more than I’d tend to spend. But with $20 cocktails and oysters, I’m sure we could get there — and it sounds like a pretty fun challenge. 

How Does The App Work

Unlike Resy, Open Table, or any other restaurant booking service, the Dorsia experience begins with an application. Anyone can download the Dorsia app, but to use it, you must answer a few questions (your name, your company, etc.), and wait a few days for verification.

Once you’re in (those referred by an existing member get fast-tracked applications), you’re in. The world of fine dining has opened to you, and you’re now officially on the same level as Patrick Bateman. What you’ll see is a scroll of restaurants near you. The Dorsia app is only available in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. 

Below the name and brief descriptions of each restaurant are available times, and under those are the dollar amounts per person you agree to reach when you go to the restaurant (before tax and tip). You’ll prepay that in the app to get the reservation; anything extra will be handled at the restaurant. In some cases, all additional payments will even go through the app. 

Is every restaurant on the Dorsia app?

No, but it’s still fairly new, and we’re confident they’ll add more and more restaurants as they get more popular. Many restaurants are on the app, but I wanted to know the most exclusive. To be as objective as possible, I cross-checked this article from Infatuation — the Toughest Reservations in NYC Right Now (And How To Get Them) — with Dorsia’s offerings in NYC. They had just four out of twenty-four, but there’s no doubt they delivered on availability. 

It’s Thursday night, and I’m looking for weekend reservations for two. Here’s how Dorsia came through on the toughest reservations in NYC:

  • Torrisi, Italian restaurant in Nolita:
    • The next available reservation on Resy: is sold out for the next month. 
    • The next reservation on Dorsia: is Friday at 5:30 and 6:00 pm for $300/per person.
  • Carbone, an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village:
    • The next available reservation on Resy: is sold out for the next month. 
    • The next reservation on Dorsia: is Friday at 7:45 and 8:00 pm for $500/person.
  • Cote, Korean steakhouse in Flatiron (this is the best deal of any restaurant in the Dorsia App):
    • Next available reservation on their website: is Friday at 11 pm (and not again for three weeks). 
    • Next available reservation on Dorsia: Sunday at 9 pm for $145/person.
  • Rezdora, pasta in Flatiron:
    • Next available reservation on Resy: Sunday at 2 pm (first dinner reservation available on the following Wednesday, at 10:15 pm). 
    • Next reservation on Dorsia: 7:30 pm on Monday at 190/person.

If you want to figure out just how much more you’re going to spend than usual, you can go to the menus for Torrisi, Carbone, Cote, and Rezdora. Then again, the steak omakase at Cote costs $225/per person, and that’s well above the Dorsia premium. So really, it depends. Look around for a great deal. 

So really, should I get the Dorsia app?

Dorsia’s not the only way to pay for a table. A startup called Front of House sells regular access to a specific restaurant for a one-time fee. The Amex-associated Global Dining Network provides tables at tough spots through a credit card fee of hundreds or thousands. However, when compared to these exorbitant fees, the Dorsia app is the better choice.

It all makes Dorsia, where your money goes towards your meal — seem pretty well worth a shot. If trying the best restaurants is your thing, Dorsia’s an awesome tool to have in your pocket. Right next to your business card (that’s an American Psycho reference).

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