6 Foolproof Productivity Apps To Boost Your Output

If you are tired of losing time every day to distractions, you need a quality productivity app that will help you to get things done.

These days, it feels like there is always something that is trying to take away our focus from what we need to be doing. Between social media, texting, and the activity outside the window, there are plenty of things that can take us away from work or tasks that we have to finish in a timely fashion. It can be easy to lose hours of every day distracted without productivity apps.

If you are tired of losing time every day to distractions, you need a quality productivity app that will help you to get things done. Productivity apps are really effective at keeping people on track and there are many different choices out there to help you to meet your goals each day. Choosing the right productivity apps are easy when you use this guide!

Best Productivity Apps for Business

Keeping your business running smoothly and effectively is easy when you have the right productivity apps on board. Keeping your whole team on task is easy when you use these handy tools.

1. Hive

(Photo Credit: Hive)

This is the perfect productivity app for your small business. There is a mobile app but you can use this product on a desktop as well. This means your team can stay in touch and work on to-do lists collaboratively. , messages, and project goals from any place and at any time. Bottlenecks and slowdowns related to task completion and projects are completely removed by having Hive.

Hive offers schedule collaboration, file sharing, and project checklists as well. This is a great all-in-one productivity booster for your entire team.

Cost: Starts at $12 per month.

2. Calendly

(Photo Credit: Calendly)

Sometimes just making time to connect and go over the details of a project or task can be hard. For a business, you will need to make sure that you use a tool that allows everyone visibility on the schedule of the group as a whole. Being able to schedule time reliably and get big groups of team members together is essential for many work processes.

Calendly will help you to set up meetings of various lengths and to display times that you are not available with ease. Everyone will save lots of time and energy when using this app for meeting scheduling needs.

Cost: Starts at $8/month

3. Toggl

(Photo Credit: Toggl)

Toggl is a great time-tracking tool for time cards and reporting. It can also set aside the recommended times for tasks. This can be a big help for your business to make sure that people are not committing unnecessary time to simple tasks and to make sure that everyone knows how much work has been done each day. Keeping people on task by making sure that they know how long job duties should take can be more helpful than you realize. The more guidelines that you have for tasks that need to be done, the better.

Toggl can help with all kinds of time management needs for your small business.

Cost: $8/per user after 5 people are added

Best Productivity Apps For the Individual

Taking care of your personal time management needs is easy when you have the right productivity apps on your side. You will be able to manage your time with ease when you start using these productivity apps.

1. Our Favorite Productivity App: Todoist

(Photo Credit: Todoist)

This is a really nice product that offers you the chance to set up task management dashboards and lists as well as being able to prioritize tasks and create project goals. You can look at reports of your progress toward goals and you can use various styles of to-do lists that are built into this product.

For those who need help remembering the steps of a project or keeping tasks organized in the same location, this is the perfect app to handle this need. You will be able to use this app across platforms as well, which can be a great way to keep track of your goals on a daily basis.

Cost: Starts at $4/month

2. Brain.fm

(Photo Credit: Brain.fm)

This is a deep relaxation sound app that can help you to calm your brain and compartmentalize lists and other tasks. While this app does not manage your tasks directly, it can help you to tune out noise, chaos, and other distractions to focus more effectively. This is like a great companion app for any task-building or project management application. Having the mental clarity to work hard and take care of tasks without stress is very useful for your productivity.

Managing your mental well-being is critical to daily success and this app can help you to feel clear-headed, focused, and at peace. This is a great app for focus and to help you to complete tasks with ease.

Cost: Pro version is $6.99 per month

3. Forest

(Photo Credit: Forest App)

If you have a hard time putting down your phone or stepping away from the other distractions in your life, this is the app for you. Forest rewards you for focusing for set periods of time. You are given goals to meet and you start out planting one tree. If you do not use the app for the period of your focus time that you set aside, your trees will die. This is what rewards you for sticking to your work and getting things done.

This creative app offers you the chance to train your brain to stay on track and to tune out distractions like your social media. Being able to focus is important for your work hours and this app can also help you to train your brain to study at set periods or to finish tasks that you are not that motivated to complete.

Cost: $1.99/month

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