I Tried LiveFit Food And Here’s My Honest Review

Sponsored: With LiveFit, I was 3 minutes away from a healthy meal no matter the time of day.

As a health-focused, busy parent, I am always looking for better ways to manage my health, job, and parenting responsibilities. It is not easy. Truthfully, I’ve struggled with maintaining a healthy diet throughout the pandemic, especially with all of the unhealthy midday snacking. A coworker of mine recently mentioned LiveFit Food to me on a Zoom call.

LiveFit delivers chef-cooked, healthy meals fresh to the door throughout Canada. After browsing LiveFit’s website, I was blown away by the sheer number of meal choices to choose from. Most other prepared meal companies only offer 9-12 meals per week, but LiveFit had more than 100 different meals. The thing that got my wife on board with trying it is that there’s zero mess. While I try to cook and help out around the house, the kitchen turns into a warzone when it’s my turn to cook. No prep work for any meal? But, could it be that easy?

My LiveFit Food’s Order

We decided to order right before the holidays because we knew for sure with family visiting, we’d be going out to eat most nights and enjoying a few drinks. To help us stick to a healthier routine while guests were visiting, we ordered 14 meals. This is more than we’d typically contain but I figured it’d help us plan our meals for the week and provide the family with fresh meals while we both were working.

LiveFit Food’s menu seemed almost limitless with choices. We ordered a combination of protein-packed dishes, vegetarian, and a couple of low-calorie options. My order came as scheduled, and the packaging ensured each meal arrived fresh. The meals were perfectly packaged and sealed fresh, plus they stay fresh for seven days in the fridge or 90 days in the freezer.

How Did The Meals Stack Up?

(Source: LiveFit Food)

My expectations for LiveFit were pretty low. Either these meals would come loaded with salt or have no flavor whatsoever. However, to our surprise, we liked nearly all of the meals. This was not what I expected at all. The proteins all tasted like they were just freshly cooked, and the meals were perfectly portioned for one person. All of the meals are cooked by a chef with the help of nutritionists to ensure each meal is developed with health in mind.

By far, the overwhelming favorite of the group was the Smoky BBQ Chicken with Rice. My runner-up was the KETO Asiago Spinach Chicken, which I had two days in a row. The chicken was so perfectly cooked, moist, and the spinach topping gave it a comfort food flavor but without the calories. It’s worth mentioning that the meals tasted just as good throughout the week as they did the day they were delivered.

Will We Order Again?

LiveFit made keeping a health routine during a hectic week simple. For example, instead of eating leftovers or ordering delivery, I just enjoyed a LiveFit meal which was ready in under 3 minutes. Even better, thanks to LiveFit, I didn’t have to worry about lunch for my family while working.

Being able to place orders for hectic weeks when the added cost is worth saving time, and eliminating meal-time stress is well worth it. Each meal tasted like it was fresh out of the kitchen, just without any work or any mess to clean up. With LiveFit, I was 3 minutes away from a healthy meal no matter the time of day. I didn’t have to cut up vegetables or spend my Sunday prepping meals. Instead, I opened the fridge and had a choice of so many different meals.

We will order LiveFit again. It makes sticking to our health routine so much easier and even tastier. Also, with New Year coming up, LiveFit is the perfect partner to actually stick to our New Year’s resolutions this year. I’ve already placed my order to help me get back to my pre-covid shape.

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  1. The meals were great but found that cabbage was used in three-four meals and so happens that they were my favourite. There are more vegetables you can use so that is my disappointment not to buy again.

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