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The Farmer’s Dog Review You Need To Read

I first came across The Farmer's Dog after seeing their TV commercial. However, it wasn't until my Golden tried the meals that I understood why it was so popular.

I first came across The Farmer’s Dog after seeing their TV commercial. However, it wasn’t until my Golden tried the meals that I understood why it was so popular. I had heard about The Farmer’s Dog from several dog parents prior to trying it. This is my The Farmer’s Dog review & experience with ordering it.

My Golden is super picky and she hates chewy, small kibble. It is a pain trying to find something that she doesn’t get bored of after a few weeks. I decided to try them because they had meals I could never find in the store without going shopping for groceries myself! The Farmer’s Dog came up several times with other dog parents. I wanted to find something that was an actual meal and not just the same thing every day. If I had to eat the same boring thing every day I would probably lose it.

My Golden’s Reaction To Her Farmer’s Dog Meal

When I found The Farmer’s Dog I ordered because of what friends said and due to its variety of meals. The box had a mixture of pork, turkey, and beef meals all packaged separately. It’s challenging to get my Golden Barkley to find a food she enjoys and this has been stressful fo me. However, when I gave her the meal the first time, she immediately devoured it. Once I knew that she liked it, I immediately went on to make sure I could keep my subscription going. Not having the go outside and risk myself has been the biggest bonus for me.

My View As A Dog Owner

In all, my dog does eat this and loves it. I’m a few months in and the variety of The Farmer’s Dog meals have kept her attention and appetite than anything else I’ve tried. Here’s The Farmer’s Dog review as a dog owner. But the added bonus for me of not needing to go out to a store to get this made it even better. I usually would go to the pet store and read the bags that describe the type of dog that matched best, but the online questions on the site made me feel like it’s actually more correct for my dog. I’ve saved time and money. I’ve even used the extra savings to invest in a new Online Savings Account.

Both of my sisters are now ordering the meals for their dogs as well. I heard of e-commerce shipment delays, but my Farmer’s Dog meals arrived on time every single time. I’ve already started to recommend it to my fellow dog owners. It has been a life savior for me and my golden.

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