Why The Aaptiv Fitness App Is By Far The Best Workout App

Despite the lockdown and general stresses of modern life, the Aaptiv fitness app has allowed me to feel and look good. I couldn’t ask for a better workout buddy.

Staying fit while stuck indoors and gyms closed isn’t easy unless you happen to have an indoor gym. Or you want to go spend more than $2,000 on an exercise machine. If you’re desperate to find a workout routine that doesn’t cost you a month’s rent, then we’ve got the recommendation for you. The Aaptiv Fitness App is by far the best fitness app out on the market. It is an exercise app that has hundreds of workouts led by experienced trainers and customized for you.

The Aaptiv Fitness App is like having a workout machine and gym in the palm of your hand.

How I Discovered The Aaptiv Fitness App

I first discovered the Aaptiv fitness app two years ago, as a harassed mother of a rambunctious three-year-old whose presence in my life had made going to the gym hard. Suddenly, I could magically turn on my smartphone, and be in my very own at-home gym. At any time of day or night, I could turn up the volume and do a hundred jumping jacks to a hard rock soundtrack, or sink to the floor and work out my core to the smooth sounds of R&B. A few weeks later I was fitting into clothes I hadn’t worn since before the kiddo was born. My arms were toned, my energy levels were way up, and the love affair with Aaptiv hasn’t stopped since.

What Does Aaptiv Offer?

The Aaptiv Fitness app‘s workout categories include treadmill, outdoor running, stretching, indoor cycling, meditation, pilates, strength training, elliptical, yoga, and stair climber, as well as a “sleep” category to help you relax and sink into your pillow after a busy day. What’s particularly nice about Aaptiv is that it offers workouts for three levels of experience – beginner, intermediate, and advanced, all accompanied by a variety of musical styles. It also takes into account users’ personalities.

If you’re a completely independent type, you can just click “browse” and pick whatever workout fits your needs on a particular day; if you’re like me and need some professional guidance, the app has a “Coach” feature that gives you a detailed plan for every day of the week (today, for instance, is my “recovery day,” which includes a full-body stretch – “Stretch it Better with Jen” – and core workout, “Core Blast” with Amanda B.).

Even better, the Aaptiv fitness app creators understand that everyone has a different schedule and some have a limited amount of free time to work out. The app is full of workouts varying in length from four (super intense and effective) minutes to nearly an hour (the 9 minute “Pop That Booty with Jamie” is a special favorite of mine).  

In addition to the “Coach” feature, Aaptiv has also rolled out a series of “Programs and Challenges” that stretch out over four to eight weeks. I’m currently halfway through the “Stay Home. Stay Healthy” challenge that has made working out during Quarantine and staying fit a whole lot easier. This is my favorite Aaptiv workout program to date.  

Special Aaptiv Offer

In short, no matter what your fitness level, Aaptiv has it all and is currently offering an exclusive special to Knowpert readers to try it for FREE FOR 7 DAYS. After the trial ends, you can have your very own at-home gym & personal trainer for just $14.99 per month.

It’s worked for me – despite the lockdown and general stresses of modern life, Aaptiv has allowed me to feel and look good. I couldn’t ask for a better workout buddy.

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