A Very Zen Review of Lotus Energy Drink

Energy drinks are great, but the crash and negative side effects suck. Lotus energy drink is different and here's why we're recommending it.

Lotus Energy Drink is a natural drink made with Plant Energy.

We could all use some more energy in our days. I’ll speak for myself when I say that trying to fit in a job, hobbies, friends, family, and a couple of side hustles takes a lot out of me. There are tons of energy drinks and supplements on the market that promise boosted productivity, but most of them leave me feeling wound up and anxious. Lotus energy drink was different.

And trust me, I have tried most of them. I’ve scoured the internet for an energy drink that gives me a boost without the negative side effects and has almost given up. I wondered if there was a way to achieve higher energy levels while remaining “zen.” Then I found Lotus Plant Energy.

“Lotus plant energy” references the lotus flower, whose historical benefits include awakening the mind, body, and spirit. All parts of the lotus plant have been used in Asia for centuries for cooking, baking, and natural flavors.

It contains natural chemicals that decrease swelling, kill bad bacteria, protect vital muscles and blood vessels, and help the metabolism break down fat. The flower petals have also been known to help with immune function. Lotus Plant Energy was founded on the unique health benefits of the flower, and they create energy drinks with plant compounds and extracts that promote natural energy and wellness.

A girl holding cups filled with lotus energy drinks.
Source: Lotus Energy Drink

What Makes Lotus Energy Drinks Different

What’s unique about this company is that Lotus Plant Energy drinks are made with Plant Energy 7, a proprietary blend that impacts how your body handles stress and fatigue. They call their blend PE7™, which is what gives your body natural energy without that anxious feeling. And I felt the calming energy right away. Like the name suggests, PE7™ includes the following seven ingredients:

  • Lotus Flower Extract
  • Coffee Fruit (cascara)
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Green Coffee Beans
  • Schisandra Berry Extract
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract
  • Guayusa Tea
The natural ingredients in Lotus Energy Drinks
Lotus PE7™ ingredients (source: lotusenergydrinks.com)

You may recognize a few ingredients on this list commonly known to contain caffeine, like coffee and green tea. Lotus energy drinks contain around 80mg of caffeine per serving. But that’s less caffeine than a cup of coffee, which could be very good. Have you ever been nervous or bouncing off the walls after your morning Celsius?

Not trying to throw another energy drink company under the bus, but…overconsumption of high-caffeine energy drinks may cause negative side effects like anxiety and heart palpitations. What’s great is that Lotus has just enough caffeine to boost your body’s energy and metabolism healthily. I’ve been converted!

Lotus Plant Energy is a fun, ‘mix your own natural energy drink’ experience. You can mix your favorites from their available flavors or combine concentrates to make your own on their website. Each flavor has natural ingredients and sweeteners, including healthy additives like amino acids and vitamins.

The Lotus Drink Creation

Lotus Energy Drinks are unique in their health benefits and flavors. Additionally, the way you consume it is the most surprising. I’ve never had an energy drink quite like I did when I tried Lotus. I had to share my experience of mixing a Lotus Plant Energy drink!

  1. Fill your cup or bottle with ice.
  2. Add the Lotus Plant Energy concentrate.
  3. Pump their flavored syrups (my favorite is coconut), fruit fusions, or super cream.
  4. Fill the rest of the cup with seltzer for a fizzy treat!

In researching and trying Lotus Plant Energy, I noticed that the ideal consumption of their products seems to be wholesale. The mixing guides are perfectly laid out for coffee shop or smoothie-shop employees to mix up made-to-order energy drinks for their customers.

The Lotus Fruit Fusion real fruit concentrates are huge, shelf-stable bottles that are non-caffeinated themselves – meant to customize your drink with flavor. Same with the other concentrates they carry, like Lotus Lemonade and Limeade and Super Cream. Mix with Lotus Energy Concentrate for a perfect amount of caffeine and naturally-derived plant energy. The Energy Tea Concentrates contain caffeine, with that proprietary PE7™ I mentioned, which contains 80mg of natural caffeine without jitters or anxiety!

A women holding up the Lotus plant energy concentrate and a lotus energy drink.
Lotus Plant Energy Concentrate (source:lotusenergydrinks.com)

If you’re like me, you’re constantly searching for more energy. The market is saturated with energy drinks and supplements that, in my experience, have left me with anxious jitters. Not Lotus Energy Drinks. With only 80mg of caffeine per serving, and energy derived naturally from plants like a lotus flower and tea extracts, it’s a great start to my day. I call it a cup of zen that helps me fit in a job, hobbies, loved ones, and my hustles. The wholesale nature of the product line makes me want to head to my nearest coffee shop and ask them to stock Lotus Plant Energy as soon as possible.

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