Nutre Meals Surprised Me – In a Good Way

Nutre Meal's perfect portions, all-natural ingredients, and attention to taste make balancing time and a healthy lifestyle easy.

My first Nutre Meals bite took me by surprise. It was the Korean fried rice bowl with Beyond meat, and it was legitimately more flavorful and satisfying than anything I’d ordered for takeout in the last month. It tasted like bulgogi, with rice peppered with vegetables, fresh garlic, and ground ginger. Not to talk down on takeout in the takeout capital of the world, New York City, but no amount of plastic bags and staples can keep a rice bowl hot in the New York winter. The Nutre meal had that, and it tasted as if the waiter had just set it down on my table. 

Nutre Meals’ One-of-a-Kind Delivery Process

Nutre Meals knows their process: fresh, nutritious meals that arrive in servings for one, designed to heat and eat. Plus, Nutre Meals hand delivers all meals, unlike other meal delivery companies. Even better, Nutre Meals reuses all its ice packs to limit environmental impact.

The bag nutre meals are delivered in and a Nutre Meals water bottle.

With a dedication to natural ingredients and zero fillers, Nutre’s options look like a home-cooked meal with protein, a grain, and a vegetable. It tracks since Nutre Meals was founded by two brothers from the Perrina family, whose Italian restaurants north of Boston are known for their high-quality, handmade food. 

With that background, the brothers started Nutre after seeing the “profound effect clean, portion control eating” had on their diabetic father after they took it upon themselves to meal-prep for him in 2017. These days, their meals follow that same philosophy, span a worldwide spectrum of cuisines, with over fifty menu items (and weekly specials) that you get to handpick before your order ships each week. It’s all extremely customizable, where you can order between five and twenty meals a week and skip a week for any reason. Each meal arrives fresh and lasts about a week — then feel free to freeze it for later. 

I knew nothing about Nutre until I received a referral offer from a friend. All I knew was I had tried many other meal plans over the years — the kinds that send you each ingredient and a treasure map to take you from individual produce pieces to chef-inspired enchilada. 

My First Experience With Meal Delivery

By way of running diary, here’s how most boxed meal plans went for me:

  • Lay directions out. Turn on the oven. 
  • Chop. Read instructions. Chop. Read instructions.
  • It’s burning. Read instructions. 
  • Recheck directions. Uhhhhh, yikes. Was that important? 
  • (Five months later) Why is there a tiny packet of paprika STILL in my cupboard?

Call it a character flaw, and I can take it. But obviously, I’ve never had the patience to cook consistently on a weeknight. Between a full day of work and trying to take care of my body with a run or a trip to the gym, cooking a good meal means I don’t get to eat until ten or later. But what are my options? Takeout’s expensive, not to mention unhealthy. And why even work out if I will negate it with junk? Too often, I fill up on unsatisfying snacks or the same three easy meals repeatedly just to save time. 

This is all to say: this is why I liked Nutre Meals. It felt like a meal plan designed precisely for me: a time-deprived, health-focused athlete who loves food. Nutre’s perfect portions, all-natural ingredients, and attention to taste are essential for someone trying to balance time and a healthy lifestyle. They get my hearty seal of approval. Plus, my partner approves of Nutre Meal’s benefit to my body.

My Favorite Nutre Meal Plan Dishes

  • Korean Fried Rice Bowl — Just like delicious takeout, enough said. (670 calories)
  • Grilled Chicken Parm with Potatoes and Cauliflower — Hearty and home-cooked, it left me full and happy as I had somehow left an Italian restaurant without overeating. (400 calories)
  • Eggplant Parmigiana with Brussel Sprouts —  See above. (460 calories)
  • Cajun Ground Turkey Bowl with Wild Rice is well-spiced and balanced. (420 calories)
  • Montreal Steak Tips with Asparagus & Roasted Potatoes — Simple and satisfying, with soy-sauce flavored steak tips, I looked forward to all day. (490 calories)

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