These Dog Sleeping Bags Offer A Better Sleep Than Your Bed

Experience the luxurious bliss: Dog sleeping bags so comfortable, you'll be tempted to swap.

My dog’s sleeping bag became an immediately treasured addition to every camping trip. It isn’t just a dog sleeping bag — that’s great. I’ll throw it down on the dirt, grass, or sand, and he climbs atop it happily. Like human sleeping bags, dog sleeping bags come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and materials.

The key is to know your dog. Do they like to sleep curled up? There’s a dog sleeping bag shaped like a circle. Does he want to burrow? There’s a dog sleeping bag that opens up like a cave. Does he hate anything on top of him? Some dog sleeping bags open up wide and flat, the perfect spot for a dog who wants to sit down. 

The best dog sleeping bags — extremely portable, durable, and comfortable — can become more than just a place for your dog to sleep the night. Each dog may use them differently, but I guarantee they’ll be helpful. They even make sleeping bags for dogs like mine, who refuse to leave your body heat. The BarkerBag dog sleeping bag attaches to the human sleeping bag like a sidecar to a motorcycle. 

Knowing your dog, what they like, and how they sleep will be helpful when you’re perusing the seven best dog sleeping bags below. Just remember, you might be surprised how they use it. But that doesn’t make a dog sleeping bag any less of a necessity.

The Best Dog Sleeping Bags on The Market

1.) The Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag: USD 99.95

Source: Ruffwear.com

Lightweight, compressible synthetic down makes up the Ruffwear Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag, which seems to top every reviewer’s list. It comes with a compression sack for easy portability and comes in two sizes (with two weights), medium (1.6 lbs) and large (2.2 kg).

It has a water-resistant shell and a zipper that stops halfway to reduce drafts. If your dog needs additional warmth, buy the Highlands Pad ($39.95), which adds insulation and cushion.

2.) HURTTA Outback Dreamer ECO Dog Sleeping Bag: $146

Source: Hurtta.com

Made from water-repellent material with a foil lining to reflect your dog’s body heat, this sleeping bag is perfect for the dog who likes to curl up — made just for its shape. In small (.5 lbs), medium (1 lb), and large (1.5 kg), it’s easily portable, even if it lacks a bit of cushion. We like that it fits inside the Hurtta Trail Pack Dog Backpack, too, and that the HURTTA site helps you choose the appropriate size for your dog’s breed. 

3.) Dog Helios Aero-Inflatable: $76.99

Dog Helios makes several great dog sleeping bags, but this one we’re calling out for the city dogs who miss their bed at home. Ever gone camping with someone who hates camping, so you know you have to bring them an inflatable mattress? So here’s a dog sleeping bag for that dog — it’s not a sleeping bag, but a folding, waterproof, inflatable camping bed. It rolls up and buckles shut when you deflate it, and it can attach to most travel backpacks, too — plus, the stitching is reflective, which could come in handy around the campfire at night. 

4. Dog Helios Trail-Barker: $84.99

Another from Dog Helios. While the above is more of a bed, this one’s a dog sleeping bag by the most traditional definition. Waterproof and windproof, the inner lining is lightweight and quilted, while the perimeter zippers do open up if you want to turn this more into a mat. There’s a carrying bag included, plus it rolls up towards its nylon handlebar for easy carrying.

5.) KUDES Dog Sleeping Bag: $32

Source: Amazon.com

 Made of water-resistant, quick-drying polyester and a soft fleece interior, this warm-weather dog sleeping bag is machine-washable (an underrated feature) and super compressible. Great for backpacking and certainly one of the more affordable options. A good choice is if you want to gauge your dog’s sleeping bag compatibility before making a more significant commitment.

#1 Dog Sleeping Bag On The Market

6.) The Barker Bag: $69

Source: Newatlas.com

Here’s a fascinating product — a dog sleeping bag that zips into the side of a human mummy sleeping bag, allowing you to share body heat while your dog’s head pops out the bottom. It can also fit zipped between two mummy bags. Our guess is not every dog will tolerate this arrangement — but if you can train for it, or they love it instantly, it seems like a winner. Comes in three sizes. 

7.) Kurgo Wander Loft Bed: $63.95

Kurgo Loft Wander Pillow Dog Bed, Chili Red, Medium slide 1 of 7
Source: Chewy.com

Here’s another dog sleeping bag for the dog that doesn’t burrow. This one’s more like a durable, waterproof travel bed with quilted, ripstop fabric and a non-slip bottom so the bed doesn’t slide around the grass or car. Machine washable.

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