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Meow-nificent Meals: The Best Cat Food Subscription Brands

Treat your furry friend to the best with these premium cat food subscription services - convenience, quality, and satisfaction guaranteed.

Treat your furry friend to the best with these premium cat food subscription services – convenience, quality, and satisfaction guaranteed.

If you’re a cat parent like me, you want the best for your fur baby. That includes feeding them the best possible cat food with high-quality ingredients. After noticing how tired my cats were after their feeding, I began researching the top cat food subscription brands. Following a month of research, I know, but that’s what happens when you love your Cat, I decided to give it a try and took my research notes to write this article on the best cat food subscription brands.

Cats are obligate carnivores and need a high-protein diet to maintain strong organs, good vision, and healthy digestive and reproductive systems. Fillers with high-carb content like wheat, corn, or soy do not belong in cat food. Food with lean meat as the first ingredient is a good way to ensure your cat continues to be healthy and have energy as they age.

With cat food marketing these days, it can be tough to know which brands actually have high-protein ingredients with minimal fillers. Traditional cat food brands use questionable chemicals, preservatives, animal by-products, and carb fillers and grains. Again, cats are obligate carnivores so none of those things satisfy a meat-first diet and can be harmful over time.

Two cats about to eat dry cat food.
Source: istockphoto.com

Traditional cat food brands also require a trip to the store to pick up a huge bag of kibble. I would much rather have a brand-new supply of food at my doorstep as soon as I run out. And I know other cat parents would as well. Luckily you have us. We’ve done the research to find the Top 5 cat food subscription brands you can feel good about serving to your furry friend. Based on ingredients, flavor, and subscription. #1 is Cat Person, my personal favorite.

The Top Cat Food Subscription Brand

1. Cat Person

I feed my cat this cat food subscription brand. I am a shameless Cat Person.

First, I want to talk about the packaging. Cat Person’s aesthetics set it apart from other products in my opinion. The packaging and branding are both very thoughtful, with a cute, doodled mural on every box. The boxes are super cute and a major plus…recyclable! All their cardboard packaging turns into an interactive toy for your cat. So fun!

Now to the nitty gritty. Cat Person practices sustainable ingredient sourcing, including making sure their fish comes from healthy oceans with sustainable fishing, their facilities use legal labor, and ethically sourced meat and fish. They advertise that they use the highest quality and cleanest ingredients you can buy for your cat, with no additives and no animal by-products – meeting The Association of American Feed Control Officials’ (AAFCO) nutrient guidelines.

All of the contents that come  within the Cat Person cat food subscription box.
Cat Person’s full line of food products (source: catperson.com)

My cat loves the flavors that Cat Person sends. They have dry and wet food, in both paté and shreds in broth. You can buy wet food flavors include beef, chicken, duck, tuna, chicken & duck, turkey & chicken, salmon & tuna, and mackerel & beam. Say that five times fast. Dry food options are chicken & turkey, duck & turkey, and salmon & tuna. There are so many options; there’s something to love even if you have a picky cat.

The subscription is super easy as well. You can order one-offs or use the cat food subscription service on their website. The site will prompt you to take a quick survey to determine the perfect meal plan for your cat based on their needs and eating habits. Some questions are about how many cats you have, their name(s), what food they normally eat, etc.

Next, you’ll want to opt-in for the sampler box for only $25. Cat Person will send you two wet recipes and one dry for your cat to try. The first box comes with a measuring cup and silicone covers for the wet food containers, which come individually portioned. The perks! We’ve found the wet food is easy to portion and save for later with the lids, and the dry food comes in a resealable bag.

My cat is obsessed with Cat Person, which we’ve been feeding him for over two years. The subscription is on auto-ship, so as soon as we run out, another bag is on our doorstep (in cute cardboard packaging). You can pause, cancel, or change your order at any time. It’s a no-brainer!

The multi-use of Cat Person's cat food subscription boxes.
See! The box turns into a little house for your fur baby (source: instagram.com/catperson)

The Cat Food Subscription With A Money Back Guarantee

2. Smalls

Smalls is our next pick. Since we know that cats are carnivores, we hope the people behind cat food brands honor that. With input from animal nutritionists, Smalls ensures their food is protein-rich with minimal veggies. But they use absolutely no preservatives, by-products, or unnecessary grains. Smalls food is fresh, healthy, sustainably sourced, and human grade (USDA-certified). You can feel good about feeding this cat food to your fur baby.

They offer two textures of wet patés: smooth and ground, and freeze-dried raw food in three flavors: chicken, turkey, and duck. Versus regular kibble, there are more benefits to freeze-dried raw food. It’s nutrient-dense and keeps nutritional benefits longer because the food is flash-frozen at peak freshness. Smalls cat food boasts fresher breath, a less smelly litter box, fewer hairballs, and more energy for your furry friend.

We love a good subscription here. Like Cat Person, Smalls has you take a short quiz asking your cat’s weight, height, and nutritional needs. After the quiz, you’ll be prompted to try an Initial trial box to figure out what your cat likes at a 25% discount. The trial box includes chicken, turkey, and beef flavors in both smooth and ground. After that, a shipment will run you $45. You can easily customize, change, or cancel at any time.

A black cat enjoying smalls, cat food brand food.
Smalls has a money-back guarantee! If your cat doesn’t like their food (this one does), they’ll refund your sampler order. (Source: smalls.com)

Here’s my slight qualm with Smalls. Their food comes frozen and marked by calories (which is great. On average, cats need ~25 calories per pound daily.) Since they’re frozen, you only have to thaw one package at a time. However, I didn’t really like the sausage-like consistency, and I had to cut it up and store it myself, versus opening a single-use can or container.  

3. Just Food for Cats

Just Food is another good one! The brand was first founded as Just Food for Dogs in 2010. After seeing the incredible benefits for dogs, they launched the brand for cat food, touting “better, fresher cat food delivered right to your door.” They do have a more limited selection for cats versus dogs, but they’re not lying!

All of Just Food’s ingredients are human-grade, approved by USDA, and formulated according to AAFCO profiles. That means their ingredients are unprocessed and nutrient-rich. They only have one fresh frozen cat food recipe made with fish and chicken. One option is tricky for people with picky cats but makes for an easy decision when ordering.

Just Food satisfies cats’ needs for a low-carb, high-protein diet. Alaskan wild-caught salmon is the first ingredient, plus chicken liver to provide all the necessary nutrients. The only non-meat filler in their fresh food is yuca root, which can help cats hold and retain moisture to stay hydrated. This is super important for your feline’s kidney function, as they don’t always get enough hydration from water alone. They also have salmon bark treats, which my cat absolutely goes crazy for – low fat made with 80% salmon fillet.

A bag of treats from Justfood for cats.
The salmon bark treats for cats (source: justfoodfordogs.com)

Auto-ship is heaven-sent. Just Food offers a one-time order or auto-ship subscription which you can time on a spectrum, from weekly orders or a new order every eight weeks. Change or cancel anytime, depending on your cat’s eating habits. If you live near a local pick-up location, you can save on shipping and 5% on your first order!

4. Raised Right

As cat parents, we strive to raise our pets right. One way to do that is by feeding them the Raised Right brand of cat food. From the mind of veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker, they’ve created recipes that meet AAFCO standards for a complete and balanced diet, with food made with human-grade ingredients. They are super transparent with their ingredients and where they come from. Not only are all ingredients USDA-certified, but a food sourcing map is always available on their website.  

An overview of how Raised Right cat food subscription sources their products.
See where each ingredient is sourced on Raised Right’s interactive map. (Source: raisedrightpets.com)

Raised Right makes four recipes: chicken, turkey, turkey & pumpkin pate, and chicken &pumpkin pate. All four flavors avoid high-carb fillers and preservatives and are made with a single animal-protein (chicken or turkey). In fact, most of their recipes contain less than 2% carbohydrates, leaving out the most unnecessary high-carb fillers like rice, corn, and wheat. Remember, obligate carnivores!

If you opt-in for a custom meal plan, Raised Right will ask for your cat’s weight, activity level and weight goals (if your cat needs to gain, wait, maintain, or lose). The cat food is advertised as a food topper or full meal, to increase moisture and protein in your cat’s diet. Because of this option, the quiz will ask you if you plan to feed your cat 100%, 50%, or 25% of their product. Then you can select an auto-shipping frequency or a one-time bulk delivery.

You can expect 16-ounce bags delivered frozen for $11 per bag. The cat food stays fresh in the fridge for six days, which is not long considering the packages are a pound of fresh food each. If your cat eats a lot, that’s doable. I love that the packaging is very purposeful. Raised Right strives to offset carbon emissions through preservation and reforestation. Overall, Raised Right is a great option!

cat food
Raised Right cat food packaging (source: raisedrightpets.com)

5. Open Farm

Last but not least on our list of best cat food subscription brands is Open Farm. They sell wet and dry cat food, and bone broth, all made with 100% human-grade ingredients. Their brand ethos is based on transparency and premium nutrition. By now, it should be clear that I have high standards and will only feed my cat ethically and sustainably sourced meat (which Open Farm has). With that, their protein has no antibiotics or growth hormones and includes limited non-GMO fruits and vegetable fillers.

Open Farm has so many flavors for your cat to try! Their dry food formula has three flavors:  salmon, lamb, and turkey & chicken. Their freeze-dried raw cat food offers surf & turf, salmon & cod, chicken, and chicken & salmon. For wet food, your cat can choose between chicken, wild-caught salmon, chicken & salmon, turkey, and grass-fed beef. The bone broth bundle is a great choice to supplement their diet and add moisture. Everything is sold in resealable packaging for easy storage.

A bag of Open Farm cat food.
Freeze-Dried Raw Surf & Turf recipe (source: openfarmpet.com)

There are a couple of red flags with this brand, though. We love that they have no animal by-products or artificial additives. However, while animal protein is the main ingredient in Open Farm’s recipes, it has a few too many plant ingredients for our obligate carnivore friends. Garbanzo beans and red lentils are around 25% of the recipe, which is above average. Not terrible, but not the greatest for our meat-eating furry friends.

They have a subscription you can create using auto-ship, but no fun quiz to customize your order. On top of that, they’re the most expensive on this list.

Your cat is begging to be fed the right cat food! (Source: istockphoto.com)

Being a pet parent is hard, especially when we want the best for our cats. There is so much information on a feline diet and so much noise in the marketplace about which foods you should and shouldn’t be feeding them.

Take what you will from these reviews. As a pet parent, I know how important it is to research the best cat food subscription brands – I hope this helped!

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