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Why Your Super’s Detox Is Unlike Anything I’ve Tried

Eating healthy and looking after my body has always been a struggle. Between long work hours and a busy social calendar, it just seemed like there’s never enough time to take care of myself. As a result, I constantly felt sick, had little energy, and overall just felt like I lost my groove. Plus, with what seems like some new fad appearing every other day, I’ve never really been too sure of what’s good for me. Thankfully, I recently tried Your Super.

What is Your Super?

Your Super makes good-for-you superfood mixes that skip synthetic supplements (like those old-school daily vitamins you might find at your local drugstore) in favor of nutrient-rich plants that help improve people’s health holistically. Their mixes are organic, made of 100% plant-based ingredients sourced directly from local farmers worldwide. 

While I was hesitant to try out yet another “healthy” mix or supplement, Your Super just felt different. After all, I think the thousands of five-star reviews speak for themselves. What sets them apart from other companies I’ve tried is that you’re able to book a FREE consultation with a superfood expert. Because I was a bit new to the world of superfoods, I knew I needed some guidance. So one of their experts gave me a quick and informational overview of how superfoods worked and then directed me to a selection of personalized products based on my health issues and lifestyle.

What I Ordered?

After consulting directly with them, the expert and I decided that it would be best for me to start with their bestselling five-day Detox Bundle. I wanted a total body reset after months of neglect. Each bundle includes an entire one-month supply of their Super Green, Forever Beautiful, Gut Feeling, Skinny Protein, and Golden Yellow mixes. So even after I finished my detox, I’d still have about three weeks’ worth of mixes to continue incorporating into my diet. I also decided that I could benefit from their Plant Collagen mix to help support better skin health because of my age. My mixes arrived right at my doorstep (with free shipping!).

Before starting my detox, I kicked off the day following my delivery by mixing a scoop of my Plant Collagen into my morning coffee. Thanks to the protein boost, it added a rich and creamy vanilla flavor and even helped satisfy my early morning hunger. After that, I got started on my detox. The Detox Bundle came with an easy-to-use guide with simple directions on using each supplement daily. 

The best part of the detox was that compared to typical juice cleanses, this detox wasn’t about depriving myself of foods I enjoy. Instead, you can still eat your favorite foods while the detox gets to work.

Here’s what actually happened during my detox?

Within two days of starting, I already felt different. I was waking up more refreshed, I felt less bloated, and I didn’t have that sick groggy feeling I often had. By day five, I felt fantastic—my skin was even glowing! My energy levels had picked up significantly. I just decided to continue using all the products I had daily and incorporate them into my regular diet for that extra boost of nutrition.

Yes, I’ll be ordering again!

Hands down, using these products has made me feel better than I have in a while. Plus, because I’m always so busy, they’re an easy and convenient way to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients. While I still have plenty of my detox mixes left, I’ve already ordered another Plant Collagen (I’m guilty of drinking several cups of coffee a day!) and can’t wait to try even more of their nutrient-rich products. 

Your Super is offering an exclusive discount to our readers! Use code KNOW25 to get 25% off any order now.

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