Club Feast Is What Online Delivery Has Been Missing

Club Feast is the best thing to happen to online delivery since the mobile phone.

Club Feast is a delivery platform unlike any I’ve ever tried. These days, when you want to get food delivered in New York City, it seems like the options are seemingly endless—and expensive. Every single delivery service out there charges an arm and a leg to get a meal delivered to your door. The thing I hate most about delivery is all of the darn hidden fees that double my delivery cost.

It works VERY differently (and prices differently) than most services. For example, rather than picking out a meal and having it delivered then and there, Club Feast allows you to schedule lunch by midnight the night before or 2:30 PM the day of for dinner. By doing that, Club Feast makes it easier and more efficient for restaurants to prepare food and pass the savings onto us, the customers. I ordered two different meals on Club Feast that cost more than 40% less than the other delivery apps. This may sound crazy, but Club Feast is the best thing for online delivery since the mobile phone. 

My Ordering Experience

I used Club Feast to order two lunches. Since I work night shifts, having the ability to pre-order a meal and have it delivered the next day before I headed off to work was luxurious. The app is easy to use and features hundreds of local restaurants to pick. From Just Salad to famed Pizza spots, there’s more than 200 different dishes to order. I was surprised to find Honeybrains on the app and even better, my meal only cost $6.99. Whereas the same meal from Honeybrains costs $13 on other delivery apps without factoring in additional fees.

Ordering through the app is so easy. After you pick a restaurant, there are a hundreds of dishes to choose from, all at a discounted price. Both days my meals arrived promptly within the delivery window and were in great shape. The app sends you notifications regarding order status, and I enjoyed feeling assured my food was on the way. I loved the experience so much that I messaged my friend in San Francisco to try it for the week. She was surprised by the options and prices because San Francisco is a super expensive food city.

The Club Feast Verdict

Would I use Club Feast again? Well, do I like eating at my favorite restaurants for less? The answer is an overwhelming YES. Not having to think about lunch in the middle of the day was such a treat, and scheduling ahead made me feel more organized about my week overall. My bank account would be in better shape, if I spent the pandemic ordering from Club Feast.

Club Feast is extending an exclusive offer to our readers! Use code KNOW50 at checkout to get 50% off your first two orders.

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