The Bottled Water Brands That Cost More Than Your House

Meet the water brands that cost more than your house—the most expensive costs 10x the average U.S. home price.

While the prices of everyday necessities have skyrocketed due to inflation, these water prices are indeed something else.

Bottled Water is a billion-dollar industry; global consumption of bottled water increases by about 10% yearly. Americans, in particular, consume more bottled water annually than milk or beer (at least we’re hydrated). The average consumer pays around $2 or $3 for a bottle of water, depending on their preference. Meet the bottled water brand that costs nearly 10x the average price of a home in the United States.

Spring water vs. mountain stream vs. purified water? Whatever your preference, a bottle of water is already overpriced, in my opinion…since tap water is free. But the internet loves to see how the other half lives, so we’ve looked up the most expensive water in the world for kicks and giggles. And it’s even more costly than you think.

Beverly Hills 9OH2O

Country of Origin: United States

Price: $100,000

Self-proclaiming themselves to be the “world’s finest water,” the Beverly Hills company sells their 9OH2O spring water for around $70 for a 24-case. It’s served exclusively in fine restaurants and luxury hotels. But even that’s for peasants. The more exclusive and significantly higher priced Beverly Hills 9OH2O Luxury Collection Diamond Edition water will run you $100,000.

most expensive water
Beverly Hills Drink Company 9OH2O sapphire blue and gold design. Not nearly as expensive as the Luxury Collection Diamond Edition and is more mainstream in restaurants and lounges. (source: beverlywater.com)

The bottle is beautiful and designed by a jeweler in Beverly Hills. The cap is adorned with 850 tiny diamonds, which may be the reason for the 6-figure thirst quencher.

most expensive water
Eight hundred fifty tiny diamonds fit on that cap! (source: instagram.com/beverlywater)

Inside the diamond-encrusted bottle is 100% California Spring Water. If you’re thirsty enough and willing to spend over $100K on a bottle of water, there may be some drama in the acquisition. The Beverly Hills Drink Company is not in good standing with California State as a business, and we haven’t heard from them on social since 2017. I’m told the mystery will drive the price up.

The World’s Most Expensive Bottled Water

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Country of Origin: Spain

Price: $4,000,000/750mL

If you thought $100K was a lot for water, this next brand won the Guinness Record for the most expensive water in the world. Acqua di Cristallo’s water gets sourced from France, Fiji, and a glacier in Iceland. The bottle is more valuable than the contents inside, although this water is infused with 5mg of gold dust. The whole bottle is somewhat sculptural, made of platinum, features 6,000 high-quality diamonds, and is coated in 24K gold.

Famous bottle designer Fernando Altamirano designed aqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani, he designed the bottle as an homage to the Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani. Altamirano also created the most expensive bottle of cognac in the world at $2,000,000 – surprise, surprise!

most expensive water
Bottle designed by Fernando Altamirano. (source: facebook.com/AcquaDiCristallo)

There’s only one bottle in existence worldwide. It was sold at auction in 2010 in Mexico City for 774,000 Pesos, but Di Verachi’s website claims the total value of the bottle is 4,000,000 Euros. After all, the funds from the auction were donated to a good cause, with over 500,000 Euros to a foundation fighting global warming.

The Nicest Designed Bottle Of Water We’ve Ever Seen

Fillico Jewelry Black King

Country of Origin: Japan

Price: $10,400/720mL

This next insanely expensive bottle of luxury spring water perhaps is a little more affordable to those who seek luxury H20. Fillico Jewelry is another example of a water bottle where the contents are a luxury, but the bottle itself blows everything out of the water (pun intended). Since its founding in 2005, Fillico has boasted the finest mineral water in the world from Kobe, Japan. The Nunobiki Spring is nationally protected from development and is famous in Japan for producing the finest Sake in Kobe.

Fillico Jewelry introduced its luxury water in 2005. The frosted black glass features gold and is covered in Swarovski crystals (57 to be exact). The first iterations of the bottle featured a crown-shaped cap covered in crystals. Christian Dior loved the design so much that he started introducing it to his customers. The bottles are rare – Fillico only produces a limited 5,000 bottles each month. However, they have limited releases and upscale versions for VIPs and royalty.

most expensive water
‘Fillico Jewelry”Black King’ Bottle. (source: fillico.com)’Fillico Jewelry ‘Black King’ Bottle. (source: fillico.com)

Fillico makes many different luxury jewelry water styles, as seen on their website. The limited-edition styles make great gifts for the rich and famous. The site claims, “A beautiful bottle decorated with crystals of famous water will carry your thoughts and bring a toast to the future of your loved ones.” Suppose you’re curious about what to get me for my housewarming…hint!

Limited Edition Fillico Jewelry’ Garnier ~La Loge~ Metal Angel with Wings’ costs ¥39,600 or ~ $300. (source: fillico.com)

Depending on your thirst, one of these water bottles may be for you! If you have tens of thousands of dollars lying around. Regardless, the most expensive bottles of water in the world are not just about the liquids inside but the art, craftsmanship, and above all, the bottles’ exclusivity.

Happy drinking!

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