The Best Standing Desk Treadmills for Busy Professionals

Of All The Standing Desk Treadmills to Choose From, We Selected Our Top 5 to Help You Workout While Working.

Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the barrage of TikTok videos featuring people working out on their standing desk treadmills. Burning calories while working from home! It’s this year’s trendiest piece of workout equipment that folds up or slides under your desk to help you work out. Walking pad treadmills are not only a trend but a perfect solution for busy professionals or anyone who wants to get their fat-burning steps in without leaving the comfort of their home.

Standing desk treadmills differ from regular treadmills at the gym. A traditional treadmill is usually a massive piece of equipment that lets users choose any pace, from walking, to jogging, to sprints – 12-3-30. Anyone? However, standing desk treadmills are easier to store in most houses and are often more affordable than the giant treadmills you’d find at the gym.

We see the benefits of standing desk treadmills, especially in a city apartment with limited space. But it’s been difficult to sift through the clutter and find one that fits your needs. We’ve compiled our top 5 for you to explore (bonus, they’re all available on Amazon).

Cheapest Under-Desk Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Foldable Manual Walking Pad – $170

Of all the standing desk treadmills to choose from, this is perfect for beginners. It’s about 4-5 feet long and weighs about 50-60 pounds. It can hold a user up to 220 pounds. The first thing to note is that it doesn’t run on electricity; it’s manual. It does track calories, distance, and time though. Your walking speed moves the belt without electricity, so it’s relatively quiet. If you have downstairs neighbors or want to walk while taking virtual meetings from home, you know that’s a huge plus.

If you’re on a budget but looking to start your workout-from-home fitness journey, the Sunny Health & Fitness Foldable walking pad is perfect. The pad is at a slight incline, which increases walking difficulty but makes for a great workout.

Quietest Under Desk Treadmills

DAEYEGIM 2 in 1 Walking Pad Desk Treadmill – $278

If you live in an apartment like me, noise control is your priority when selecting a standing desk treadmill. Luckily, this one from DAEYEGIM is the quietest we could find. This walking pad is ideal for work-from-home exercising if you live in a smaller space with close neighbors. It doesn’t bang on the floor (we recommend putting some carpet under it for stability anyway), and virtual meeting microphones don’t detect the sound. Noise-wise, it is akin to a white noise machine or a fan.

This walking pad comes fully assembled, so there is no need to get out any tools. Pull it out of the box, plug it in, and start walking. The belt is about 15 inches wide and can hold a maximum capacity of 265 pounds. Unlike the last walking pad we reviewed, this one is not manual. It has a smart remote to control speed settings that start as slow as a stroll and accelerate to a speedy power walk.

Best Space-Saving Standing Desk Treadmills

WalkingPad Folding Treadmill – $399 (Normally $449)

Unless you entirely turn your home office into a home gym, you want equipment that can be stored away when you’re not using it. This one from the WalkingPad brand is a little pricier but is fully foldable for easy storage. First, it only weighs about 62 pounds. Once folded, the thickness is only 2.25 inches with a wheel for convenient moving – you could slide it under your couch or bed. Out of sight, out of mind.

Just because you can fold it up does not mean you’re giving up any of the bells and whistles. This walking pad has a remote control (but you can also control the speed manually with your feet) and an App that lets you walk or jog at your own pace. It is simple and sturdy, although not as quiet as the DAEYEGIM above.

If You’re Into Running

GOYOUTH 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill – $379

The number of times I’ve typed the word “walking” in this article is insane. If you’re a runner looking to keep pace indoors (maybe the weather is bad or you only have 15 minutes in between WFH meetings), this under-desk treadmill goes up to 6 miles per hour for a perfect jogging pace. Use the remote operation and Bluetooth speakers to connect your favorite tunes!

The GOYOUTH electric treadmill weighs about 50 pounds, so it’s as easy to maneuver as the others on this list. It’s super easy to set up, with wheels so you can push it anywhere you want to start walking or jogging. It also stands vertically on its own so you can store it up against a wall when not in use. It is louder than the other ones we’ve reviewed, though.

The #1 & Most Expensive Walking Pad Treadmill

KingSmith WalkingPad X21 – $999

I’m usually a thrifty queen, but if you’re looking for the best walking pad splurge, the KingSmith is the crème de la crème. Right under $1,000, it folds up twice for easy storage and has an innovative handrail that tracks time, seed, distance, and calories. Runners can rejoice for this one, too – the maximum speed is 7.5 miles per hour.

The KingSmith walking pad is on the heavier side, weighing 81 pounds right out of the package, but that’s because it’s the sturdiest on this list with the smallest footprint. It’s very easy to set up and requires no assembly. This is the most compact alternative to a traditional treadmill with the most bells and whistles.

KingSmith Walking Pad folds twice to save incredible space (source: Amazon.com)
The technology can track time, seed, distance, and calories and connects to KingSmith’s app (source: Amazon.com)

While the idea of walking while working is not new, the recent push by TikTok and Instagram influencers has made working out from home a popular new year’s resolution. I salute you if you’ve resolved to move your body more in 2023! A compact, quieter alternative to traditional gym equipment may be the place to start. Each walking pad treadmill on this list is a one-click order from Amazon. Doesn’t get easier than that.

If standing desk treadmills aren’t right for you, but you still want to work out while working, we recommend our recent article, the top desk exercise equipment for remote workers.

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