We Ordered Nurture Life For Our Kids And This Happened

For a working parent with picky eaters, Nurture Life takes the stress & worry out of finding meals my kids will eat and enjoy.

My Honest Nurture Life Review

As a working mom of two toddlers with a third baby on the way, I am always looking for ways to make juggling life & work a little easier – especially at meal-time. I had never heard of Nurture Life until recently after a conversation with another parent about finding meals her toddlers enjoyed. Unfortunately, finding meals my kids will enjoy has often felt like a never-ending game of trial and error.

Nurture Life is a subscription meal service that delivers fresh, nutritious meals for babies, toddlers, and big kids. After checking out Nurture Life’s site, I was surprised by the wide range of meals to choose from for my kids. Ready-made kids meals delivered directly to your door. No prep work is needed. But, could it really be that easy?

Ordering Nurture Life

I decided to give it a try and order. Nurture Life’s impressive range of meal options, including “picky eater favorite,” made choosing meals easier. As a parent of two picky eaters, finding something my kids will eat is a job in and of itself. By far, the most challenging part of ordering was choosing just nine Nurture Life meals.

I ordered a combination of kids’ meals, one grab-and-go option, and one snack in the hope of getting the whole experience. My order came as scheduled, and the packaging ensured each meal arrived fresh.

Prepping Our Nurture Life Meals

Each meal is individually sealed and includes easy-to-read packaging that provides heating instructions, a list of ingredients, and an image of the meal. This became particularly helpful in allowing our toddlers to choose the meal they wanted.

Using the microwave to heat the meals was quite convenient, but I did use the oven a few times depending on the meal. I prepared a different meal for each of our kids at each sitting, which was easy for me and fun for them.  They were always curious about what was on their sibling’s plate, which helped them try new things. 

What Our Kids Thought Of The Meals?

An overview of nurture life meals.

By far, the overwhelming favorite of all nine meals was the Chicken Tortellini. I was surprised that neither of our kids liked chocolate bites. However, I tried them and would rate them 5-stars!  

While there was no obvious sign of hidden butternut squash in the Mac & Cheese, the hidden veggies in the Beef Tacos were far from it.  Thankfully, our kids liked the carrots and didn’t fuss. Except for the snack, our kids loved each of their Nurture Life meals. Even better is that they finished their plates without prompting nearly every time. This was a huge stress relief and a win for the family.

Will We Order Again?

I found Nurture Life to be a lifesaver for our family. Particularly for preparing meals during a busy work week when time is really of the essence. Each Nurture Life meal used high-quality ingredients to ensure kids got a proper amount of protein and veggies. As a bonus, since Nurture Life meals are fresh and designed by nutritionists for growing kids, the dreaded meal-time mom-guilt was a non-issue. As a result, I did not have to worry about cooking, but there was almost zero mess after each meal. This alone would make me try Nurture Life.

Being able to place orders for hectic weeks when the added cost is worth saving time and eliminating meal-time stress is well worth it. For a working parent with picky eaters, Nurture Life takes the stress & worry out of preparing meals for kids. I only wish I had found it right after having my first child.

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