Oliver Space Actually Made Me Love Furniture Shopping

Oliver Space is a style-first furniture company for anyone who hates moving and changes their mind on furniture regularly.

Oliver Space is a style-first furniture company for anyone who hates moving.  

I had a realization the other day. It turns out I’ve had a complete personality change. There is no other explanation. Because two years ago, when I moved into my apartment and painstakingly designed it, I remember distinctly that every choice and every piece of furniture brought me joy. And now I look around — and I hate everything. I didn’t know it then, but Oliver Space was explicitly created for me. 

Oliver Space is a California-based furniture company perfect for those who perennially outgrow their style. It is also absolutely perfect for those who know they’ll eventually move. That’s because Oliver Space is built quite intentionally around trade-ins. 

How The System Works

In other words, you don’t just buy a new piece of furniture (or lamp, or pillow, or artwork) from Oliver Space, but you can also return it to them for credit — and use that credit for a new piece. It’s fast and easy, and all assembly, disassembly, and pick-ups are included in the price. 

A room completely designed with Oliver Space furniture, a bed, night table and a plant.
Harris Bed Frame – Beige – $699.00
(Image via Oliver.space)

Imagine that. Having a guaranteed buyer for a piece of furniture you no longer want or need. With Oliver Space, there’s no posting on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, no haggling with a dude who uses a truck as a profile picture. No hanging around all day with a friend to make sure Truck Guy doesn’t rob you when he comes to lug out your couch.

No, you can take peace of mind from the name itself — the classily-titled Oliver Space will arrive and whisk away your old furniture, crediting you between 20 and 50 percent of the original value based on a straightforward chart that describes exactly what level of nicks and markings define everything from Age Worn to Like New. Plus, you can use an excellent feature on the Oliver Space website to visualize any room in your house and how new furniture will blend within it. 

Great for your new personality or your new apartment. Because even if you made the ideal furniture choices the first time and still absolutely love everything, let’s be honest — that furniture fits your current home, not your next one. There’s nothing worse than cramming a just-too-big armoire into a room that’s just too small for it. The ease of the trade-in system at Oliver Space solves that. And thanks to their local warehouse system, you don’t have to wait a year and a half for a new piece to arrive. Delivery comes in as little as three days. 

What Is Oliver Space Furniture Like?

And no, Oliver Space furniture is not like Ikea furniture. Ikea and the like fall into the category of fast furniture, which, like its namesake, fast food, is quick, easy, and not particularly good for you or the environment. And that furniture — usually new furniture — makes up some five percent of everything in a landfill? It’s because those easy-to-assemble pieces are made with low-quality materials, and those low-quality materials cost more to repair than to buy anew. In my worst nightmares, I find myself in a landfill decorated with all my old Ikea wardrobes. 

A living room designed with Oliver space furniture to highlight its sectional for sale.
Pelli Sectional – Cream – $1,899.00

Who Manufacturer’s Oliver Space Furniture

Oliver Space, meanwhile, uses the same manufacturers that create high-quality products for places like Article, West Elm, and Casper. A mix of classic styles and bold, the company personally vouches for every piece. They come up with the design and then choose with extreme care the wood grain, fabric, cushions, etc, to ensure quality and comfort. 

Not to mention, it looks a lot better than fast furniture. The founder of Oliver Space, Chan Park, had the idea for his groundbreaking company when he rented a furnished apartment on a work assignment for Uber in Singapore. It was gorgeous, and he found the quality of the furnishings had a direct effect on his life. “I could be proud of my space, and enjoy it more,” realized Park. “I wanted to host friends and family more often and cook more at home. That’s when the lightbulb went off in my head.”

I’m thrilled to upgrade my place with Oliver Space’s furniture. And if I have another personality swap, I know I’m in good hands. 

Oliver Space operates in Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Diego, and Seattle. 

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