Tired of Insomnia? Here Are The 10 Best Crystals For Sleep

In 2023 we're working on healing and balancing our energies. Tap into the Top 10 crystals for sleep to beat your insomnia.

10 Crystals for Sleep to Promote More Calming and Restful Sleep

In 2023, we’re working on healing and balancing our energy to be the best version of ourselves, and that starts with sleep. Whether you believe in them, using crystals for sleep has long been associated with better sleeping habits. We’ve identified the crystals for sleep that are believed to help you alleviate insomnia, boost healthier sleep, and have better dreams.

Why not try the top 10 crystals that can help clear your mind, quell your racing thoughts, and help you sleep deeper? Plus, we break down the best way to use crystals for sleep.

The Top Crystals For Sleep

1. Selenite

Selenite is one of the best healing crystals for sleep. This transparent crystal is known to clear negative energy – and we all know that you don’t need negative energy in your life. Keeping Selenite close to you while you sleep (like on your bedside table) can help you get into a protective mindset by shifting energies gently and effectively. This crystal is also known to help stop snoring by clearing, balancing, and expanding the throat and sinus.

Selenite Cleansing Lamp. Source: iStockPhoto

Most Unique Looking Healing Crystal For Sleep

2. Fluorite

Fluorite is known to bring calming and soothing energy for high-quality sleep. The word fluorite is derived from the Latin word fluere, meaning flow. It is supposed to help you unwind by bringing your impurities and stressors flowing to the surface so they no longer manifest in you.

If you want to be worry-free before bed, spin the fluorite crystal clockwise above your head before placing it near where you sleep.

The pure form of fluorite is colorless, but if you’re buying it in the store, it’s more likely to come in various colors due to impurities in the minerals. Don’t worry; no matter what color your fluorite is, you can still reap the benefits.

Translucent Fluorite crystal standing point gemstone
Fluorite. Source: iStockPhoto

3. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the stone of love, and its translucent pink color emanates that energy. Putting Rose Quartz under your pillow brings many benefits, including self-love, warding off nightmares, and releasing stress and anxiety (to name a few – this crystal is a jack of all trades). RQ has calming properties that promote peace, serenity, and balanced emotions.

Do you ever lay in bed at night overthinking every interaction you’ve had throughout the day? This crystal encourages us to let go of bad energies and interactions by emitting soothing energy, and good vibrations relax your mind. Place it in your palm to remain mindful of anything you want to let go of to help clear your mind before heading off to sleep.

Rose Quartz. Source: iStockPhoto

4. Howlite

Howlite is a milky-white crystal marbled with dark silver known to be very gifted spiritually. If you’re having trouble calming your mind before bed, Howlite can help aid meditation and relaxation to slow your heartbeat, effectively reducing stressful and anxious thoughts. When paired with meditation, it reduces tension, anxiety, and intense emotions that prevent us from having a peaceful sleep. It also is thought to prevent bad dreams if you put it somewhere near your bed. Plus, this one is the prettiest of all the crystals for sleep.

Howlite Crystals
Howlite. Source: iStockPhoto

5. Amethyst

Amethyst is easily recognizable as a purple quartz stone, and many people wear it as jewelry. Those that wear it can experience effects that calm the nervous system and promote relaxation by preventing negative energy. That’s why Amethyst is commonly known to aid in a more restful sleep as it balances emotions, soothes the body, and overall encourages rest by promoting hormonal balance.

This crystal has also been associated with healthy cell regeneration. Our bodies heal when we rest, so this often occurs while we sleep. We recommend keeping Amethyst around while you’re winding down for the night to ensure a deep sleep without waking up to reap all the benefits of this beautiful purple stone.

Close up of a hand holding Amethyst crystal over a table of other healing crystals
Amethyst. Source: iStockPhoto

6. Citrine

Citrine has long been known as a jewel for the affluent. Now, its benefits transcend beautiful jewelry and can help its holder achieve more peaceful sleep. Citrine is known for its high-frequency capability to boost happiness, allowing you to create a comfortable environment filled with positive energy. It has been long considered to be a protection gem. The bright yellow color of this crystal promotes a sunny disposition that will stay protected as long as you hold onto it while you sleep.

Citrine. Source: iStockPhoto

7. Opal & Moonstone

Opal and Moonstone can help with insomnia, as they promote deep tranquility. Moonstone is soaked in feminine energy that helps calm an overthinking mind. It is closely associated with mood and is ruled by the tides, helping the spirit of its holder sync with the feminine lunar energy.

Opal has many different varieties, but they all can enhance sleep, especially for light sleepers. This crystal is known to break down energy blockages to allow for increased confidence and self-love. This is all connected to sleep, as your insecurities and worries often present themselves in the evening and prevent you from relaxing into a deep sleep. We’ve all been there. Place small stones under your pillow at night for the best results.

Closeup of blue moonstone crystals on a leaf
Blue Moonstone Crystals. Source: iStockPhoto
Opalite Stones. Source: iStockPhoto

8. Agate

Most of the crystals for sleep we’ve listed help balance our emotions and aid in our quest for stability. This stone is most commonly found in volcanic rock formations, and the swirly yet geometric patterns they often exhibit have been used ornamentally, dating back to Ancient Greece. Agate is also a centering force that helps us find stability and balance to keep our minds calm while preparing for sleep. Agate roots you in the current moment to help keep your mind clear when you are torn between decisions or being pulled in two different directions. Place it under your pillow to help you calm down from a stressful day.

Agate Geodes. Source: iStockPhoto

9. Jasper

If you’ve ever had a nightmare that feels too real, Jasper is a great crystal to acquire. This usually iron-red iridescent stone helps reduce nightmares by encouraging an environment free from fear, anxiety, frustration, and guilt. These emotions that keep you up at night directly contradict a healthy and restful sleep. They say dalmatian jasper is the best at repelling nightmares, so look for a milky white stone speckled with iron-red and black.

Red Jasper Crystals
Red Jasper. Source: iStockPhoto

The Best Crystals For Sleep For Improved Emotions

10. Lepidolite

Lepidolite helps aid in emotional stability. The lavender hues in the stone emit a tranquility that soothes energetic imbalances that might prohibit a restful night’s sleep. Lepidolite also contains a high quantity of lithium, commonly used as a mood stabilizer (all my mental-health girlies know what we’re talking about!). This crystal brings the heart, mind, and soul into balance which helps us relax after a long day.

Lepidolite Gemstone Crystal. Source: iStockPhoto

How To Use These Crystals For Better Sleep

Make it a self-care moment. Try to incorporate the crystals of your choice into your nighttime routine by dimming the lights, putting your phone away, and holding the crystals. We also recommend placing them by your bed or using a crystal lamp. They have many different crystals in lamp form on the market, but our favorite is the Selenite Cleansing Lamp from Conscious Items.

Happy sleeping!

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