Sip Your Way Through Tuscan Vineyards With These Hidden Gems

With more than 23,000 different Tuscan Vineyards to choose from, this list highlights the vineyards worth visiting that you won't find on any other list.

Tuscany is the quintessential Italian wine region. Here wine has ties to both art and religion. Tuscany has four of Italy’s most important red wines (Chianti, Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, and vino nobile di Montalcino). It is on the table at pretty much every meal! While there are thousands of Tuscan vineyards to visit, the three we highlighted should be at the top of your list.

Those who visit Tuscan vineyards will undoubtedly fall in love with the vineyards that make up the magical landscape. Every Tuscan vineyard is on a slope, either steep or gentle, and although they are close to one another, they produce wines of a very different characteristics.

Tuscan vineyard with a view of the Tuscan landscape.

According to Wine News (2019), Tuscany has 23,000 different companies, mainly small and medium-small, that produce wine. Choosing from 23,000 options can be hard, so we wanted to make it a little easier and highlight the Tuscan vineyards worth visiting that you won’t find on any other list.

Best Overall Tuscan Vineyard: Fattoria Il Piano

A closeup of grapes growing in a Tuscan vineyard.

“The best wines are born in the Vineyard” Harvested by hand at peak ripeness, and macerating the grapes for an extended period develops the delicious fruit’s rich colors, aromas, and flavors. 

This region produces wines of rare depth and complexity under the San Gimignano DOC and Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG quality classifications.

What to expect:

A view of the Tuscan landscape.

Your Tuscan wine-tasting experience starts with a tour of their Tuscan vineyard, cantinas, family chapel, and gardens.

Afterward, they take you to the tasting deck with its unsurpassed views across the valley to San Gimignano. David will give you a guided tasting of the artisan wines, Vinsanto, and Estate Olive Oil there.

Your guide provides a walkthrough of the Tuscan wine history and even takes you into a 15th-century wine aging room. 

Hundreds of barrels of wine sitting in a 15th century wine room.

Our favorite wine and what you can expect to spend

Cost: For 18 euros, you will try six different wines while overlooking a beautiful view of the Tuscan region! However, after falling in love with this Tuscan Vineyard, you may spend more on bottles to take home.

Our favorite wine: Toscana Bianco IGT Victoria (10 euro per bottle)

Best Tuscan Vineyard Deal: Fattoria Al Dotto 

A glass of wine. at Fattoria Al Dotto and a view of the Tuscan landscape in the background.

Our Experience

At Fattoria Al Dotto, for just 25 euros and one of the best views in Tuscany, you receive four different wines from their vineyards and four courses to pair with each wine. So you leave full for a day and taste some incredible wine. We did the four glasses and four courses of wine and left full and in love with the winery! 

Plate of food provided for wine tasting and a glass of wine.

You can opt for six glasses of wine to taste and six courses for just 35 Euros. Every single item served as a course comes from their farm! Fattoria’s staff will walk you through the cultivation and wine production stages. Being able to visit one of its Cantinas is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Favorite wine we tried here – Their Sangiovese

Cost for tasting – 25 euros (4 courses and four wines) or 35 euro (6 courses and six wines)

Winery With The Best View: Falzari

A glass of wine and two bottle of wine overlooking a tuscan vineyard.

Falzari produces incredible artisanal and natural, biodynamic wines. This Tuscan Vineyard provides one of the best views of any winery. In addition, the tastings offer you a beautiful panoramic terrace to take in the Tuscan region.

We highly recommend visiting this Tuscan Vineyard just as the sun is setting for the best view. This winery has been a family-run operation since 1972, producing five great wines. 

Each of their wines has a unique flavor from the grapes that stood out. While Falzari doesn’t provide food, they provide one of the best-hidden wine-tasting experiences in the Tuscan region!

Our Favorite Wine: Chianti DOCG

Cost of Tasting: 22 Euros per tasting

To Sum Up, The Tuscan Vineyards

Tuscany’s small villages and hill towns can seem untouched by the passage of time. Country roads turn and twist, and many dirt paths lead to remote Tuscan wine estates. Most wine towns here have a local Consorzio (governing body) for their wine region. The Consorzio gives you an overview of winemaking in the region, but the trip would be incomplete without a visit to one of these three wineries! 

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