The Guide to The Best Canned Cocktail Brands With Low Sugar

Whether you’re on a keto diet or just looking for something light and easy to drink, our list of canned cocktail brands has got you covered.

We’ve all become obsessed with canned cocktails. But The canned cocktail brands with low sugar are a godsend. This past summer, we all found ourselves enamored with the canned cocktail trend, an easy way to take a drink during an outdoor hang. We also all put on a few extra pounds. Coincidence? Maybe — we haven’t done the studies.

Nonetheless, whether you’re on a keto diet or just looking for something light and easy to drink, if you think it’s impossible to find a great canned cocktail with low sugar, no sugar added, or even zero sugar, we only have three words to say to you. Yes. You. Can. Below is our collection of the best-canned cocktail brands with low sugar on the market today. 

The Best Canned Margarita Brand  

The Flying Embers Margarita: Zero Sugar

A variety pack of Flying Ember's canned margarita. Knowpert rated Flying Ember's as having the best canned margarita cocktail.
(Source: Flying Embers)

Get used to Flying Embers because they’re one of the biggest names in canned cocktails with zero sugar. Named after the 2017 Thomas Fires in California that threatened their burgeoning company, they donate one percent of all profits to benefit firefighters and first responders today. We’re mentioning them here for their canned margarita variety pack, which comes in three flavors (strawberry guava, blood orange pomegranate, and classic lime). Each is a canned cocktail with no sugar at all. 

The Best Canned Hard Seltzer 

Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer Signature Collection: Zero Sugar

The four canned hard seltzers featured in Michelob Ultra's canned seltzer signature collection.
(Source: Michelob Ultra)

White Claw may have kicked off the canned cocktail trend for most of us, but they don’t avoid sugar. And while Michelob Ultra is known for its light beer, they make a great light seltzer. The Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer Signature Collection has only 80 calories and comes in four flavors: cucumber lime, watermelon strawberry, spicy pineapple, and grapefruit melon. Each is a canned hard seltzer with zero sugar. 

Here’s Why Cutwater Canned Cocktail Is Our Favorite

Cutwater Grapefruit Vodka Soda: Zero Sugar 

Cutwater's grapefruit canned cocktail featured next to its unique packaging and branding.
(Source: Cutwater Spirits)

The vodka soda is a classic cocktail for those avoiding sugar, and it’s in excellent hands with the award-winning Cutwater Spirits. Their founder, Yuseff Cherney, learned to distill while working at Ballast Point Brewing and soon grew his own company to develop canned cocktails to better enjoy his favorite things (hiking and fishing) with a favorite drink in hand. The Cutwater Grapefruit Vodka Soda is both delicious and refreshing, made with the six times distilled Cutwater vodka. A canned cocktail with zero sugar.  

The Best Canned Cocktail Brand For A Mojito 

The Flying Embers Mojito: Zero Sugar

Three cans of Flying Ember's award winning canned Mojito cocktails. Each can features a different flavor.
(Source: Flying Embers)

We’ve already mentioned them on this list for their margarita, but it’s no surprise the Flying Embers brand would come up again. Dedicated to premium ingredients sourced from their hometown of Ojai, California, and to eliminating sugar, carbs, and artificial preservatives, the Flying Embers canned mojito comes in watermelon, lime, and mango. Each mojito is a canned cocktail with no sugar. 

The Best Canned Cocktail Brand For Tequila Soda

Cantina Ranch Water: Zero Sugar  

Box of Cantina Ranch's canned tequila soda and a couple of cans paired with limes.
(Source: Canteen Spirits)

With a background in vodka and sparkling water brands, Canteen co-founder Brandon Cason began his new company with a canned hard seltzer boasting a natural vodka base instead of malt or fermented white sugar alcohol. Moving to tequila, the Cantina line pairs Blanco tequila with lime and a pinch of sea salt. The result is the Cantina Ranch Water Tequila Soda. Yet another canned cocktail with zero sugar. 

The Best Canned Gin Spritz 

Canteen Gin Spritz: Zero Sugar

A variety pack of Canteen's canned Gin Spritz drinks with all of the different flavors they offer.
(Source: Canteen Spirits)

By the same people that earned the best tequila soda and the best vodka soda slots on our list, here’s a gin spritz in three flavors (ruby, blossom, and citrus) that earns the brand the right to call itself one of the most prolific makers of canned cocktails with low sugar. The Canteen Gin Spritz is a canned cocktail with zero sugar in all three flavors. 

The Best Canned Cocktail Brand You’ve Never Tried

Long Drink Zero: Zero Sugar

A single can of Long Drink company's first beverage and one of the most well known canned cocktails, Long Drink.
(Source: The Long Drink)

Here’s an interesting canned cocktail with zero sugar that we guarantee you haven’t been making at home — unless you’re Finnish. The Long Drink is an iconic cocktail first created in Finland for the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. A version of this Finnish classic is now making noise in America, thanks to Ere Partanen, co-founder of The Finnish Long Drink company. Made with gin and citrus soda, Long Drink Zero is a unique option if you’re looking to find a canned cocktail with zero sugar that no one else is bringing to the picnic. 

One additional note, Long Drink is our editor’s favorite canned cocktail brand, but he didn’t write this list, I did.

The Best Canned Mimosa 

Ohza Classic Mimosa: Low Sugar (Zero Added Sugar)

Six cans of Ohza's canned mimosas with zero added sugar. Each can is tilted to mimic the act of drinking it.
(Source: Drink Ohza)

Ohza is almost exclusively a canned mimosa company — founded by a 25-year-old who couldn’t stop spilling while trying to make a mimosa on a boat. Not long after, Forbes called Ohza “the canned mimosas you never knew you needed.” Any mimosa made with real orange juice (paired with carbonated wine) will have sugar, but the classic mimosa from Ohza is a canned cocktail with zero sugar added — to the tune of 11 grams per 12 fl oz.  

The Best Canned Peach Bellini 

Ohza Peach Bellini: Low Sugar (Zero Sugar Added)

A peach to symbolize Ohza's peach bellini canned cocktail.
(Source: Drink Ohza)

When we mentioned Ohza in the previous entry, we said they were almost exclusively a canned mimosa company. They’re also responsible for the Ohza Peach Bellini, made with peach juice and carbonated wine. This canned cocktail has no sugar added, with a total of 8 grams per 12 fl oz. 

We have nothing against a good, heavy beer or sugary Pina Colada, but with this many canned cocktail brands, it’s as easy as sugar-free pie to cut down. We told you you could do it. 

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