Celebrate Your Love Of The Grill With This BBQ Apparel

BBQ apparel takes an unexpectedly cheeky turn, as these viral t-shirts are packed with many barbecue-themed innuendos.

Themed BBQ apparel is going to change the way you attend barbecues forever. Think about it: There’s never a dress code at a barbecue. There’s never a formal barbecue, never a business casual barbecue. At a barbecue, anything goes.

This means your BBQ apparel is an opportunity to spice up the festivities. The only point of a barbecue is to have fun and catch up with old friends and extended family — often, it’s people you don’t know all that well and haven’t seen in a long time. And if that’s the case, you need a good conversation starter. Make it your shirt.

But there is an art when choosing the absolute ideal barbecue apparel. What you wear will say a lot about you and, more importantly, greatly influence what people say to you. Do you want a high five? A knowing nod? A complete conversation about where you got that apron? For our money, you can go in three directions. The classy, the funny, or the raunchy.

Believe us: Barbecue apparel gets unbelievably raunchy. As you’ll see below — there are no shortage of barbecue innuendos and no lack of clothing suppliers willing to slap those disgusting phrases on a tee.

If you’re hoping to project a somewhat more refined image (as refined an image as you can project while wearing a barbecue-themed t-shirt), we have options for you, too. 

Below, dip into some smoking hot barbecue apparel.

1.) Slub Shortie Romper: $25

We’re starting with the classy options, including the cutest barbecue romper we could find.

2) Matching Pitmaster Tees for Parent and Kid: $38.00+

Source: Etsy.com

Another adorable option comes from Etsy — a matching set for the parent and baby who love barbecue meat and love BBQ apparel even more.

3) Let Him Cook Apron: $34.99

Source: Etsy.com

Guaranteed to get some fist bumps from the boys: the Let Him Cook barbecue apron for the grillmaster general.

4) Dark Grillin’ & Chillin’ T-Shirt: $18.65+

Source: Etsy.com

What’s there to say? This is a subtle barbecue outfit, but it gives the perfect vibe. You are, after all, grillin’ and chillin’.

5) Personalized Butcher Shop Tee: $24.99+

Source: Etsy.com

We love this barbecue t-shirt option for customizing it on Esty. People will ask you if your family runs a butcher shop. Say yes.

6) Evolution Grilling Retro Tee

Source: Amazon.com

We’re moving now from the classy to the cheeky. We’re big fans of this one — because barbecue is indeed the ultimate evolution of man.

7) Smoke Em If you Got Em Vintage Tee: $13

Source: Amazon.com

Sure, it’s a little risqué, but barbecue’s legal in most states now.

8.) 225 Degrees Tee: $18

Source: Amazon.com

If you know (barbecue) you know (barbecue).

9.) A Cow and a Pig Tee: $20

Source: Amazon.com

Everyone will love this barbecue tee unless they’re a farm animal (or a vegan). But why would a vegan be at the barbecue anyway? And why would a farm animal?

Our Favorite BBQ Apparel Shirt

10) Romantic Walks Tee: $17

Source: Amazon.com

The perfect gift for the barbecuer in your life.

11) Porkrub BBQ Tee: $18

Source: Amazon.com

Alright, folks, hold on to your tongs because we just entered the raunchy zone. The rest of the barbecue apparel on this list may be too hot for some. Some go too far. But they’re definitely smokin’ and will definitely give you something to talk about. Or give everyone else something to talk about behind your back.

12) I Like My Racks BBQ Tee: $20

Source: Amazon.com

This ain’t subtle. For the adults-only barbecue.

13) Smoke Meat Everday BBQ Tee: $17

Source: Amazon.com

Okay, we had to dial back the barbecue apparel heat index briefly. Here’s another cheeky smoking reference before the grand finale.

14) You Can’t Beat My Meat Shirt: $12+

Source: Etsy.com

Very mature. Let us know if you wear any of these to the barbecue and if you got kicked out.

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