Lemon Perfect Water Is My New 2023 Obsession

Overall, I thought Lemon Perfect Water was a game-changer. Each flavor was refreshing, healthy, and tasted great.
Lemons in hand symbolizing all of the lemons that go into Lemon Perfect Water.

Everyone knows we should drink more water daily to keep our bodies functioning correctly. Increased water intake has many benefits, like healthier kidney function, regulated body temperature, more oxygenated blood flow, clearer skin, and increased metabolism. Do I always get my eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day? Rarely. I often get bored with the taste of water and opt for juice instead, which isn’t always the healthiest. Luckily, I recently found the best beverage to help me reach my goal of perfect hydration – Lemon Perfect Water.

Lemon Perfect Water is a relatively new beverage company that boasts a new squeeze on hydration’ and claims to make staying hydrated more convenient and delicious. I reviewed Lemon Perfect, so you don’t have to guess whether or not these claims are true (spoiler alert, they are).

What’s Actually In Lemon Perfect Water?

Lemon Perfect is just that – perfectly hydrating lemon water with zero sugar. Each bottle is cold-pressed and includes half a USDA-certified organic lemon. Lemon has so many benefits, including enhanced digestion, lower stress levels (who couldn’t use lower cortisol), clear skin, an increased metabolism, your daily dose of vitamin C, and electrolytes. Talk about a superfruit!

They sweeten the flavors without artificial ingredients, using Erythritol and Stevia Leaf Extract. The only downside is that some people have trouble digesting the sugar alternative in erythritol, which causes slight stomach aches. I did not have that problem but want to warn the other hotties out there with stomach issues. Because there is no sugar, it’s super low-calorie, with only 5 calories per bottle.

A bottle of Lemon Perfect Water paired with a lemon on each side.
Lemon Perfect Just Lemon flavor (Source: lemonperfect.com)

Lemon Perfect Flavor Breakdown

From what I can tell, Lemon Perfect has six different flavors, but I could only find four in the store to try myself. They all seemed appealing just from the names, and they have a pretty good variety to choose from: ‘Just Lemon’, Dragonfruit Mango, Pineapple Coconut, Blueberry Açaí, Peach Raspberry, and Kiwi Star Fruit.

  • ‘Just Lemon’ SO GOOD! It isn’t a sour flavor like we’re typically used to when something has lemon in it. It tastes slightly sweet like a light lemonade, but with no weird aftertaste and no artificial-sweetener-chemical taste. 10/10.
  • Peach Raspberry – Light and refreshing, with a raspberry aftertaste. Very delicious.
  • Blueberry Açaí – On par with the other flavors I’ve tried, Blueberry is also light, with a noticeable berry taste. It has a crispness to it that reminds me of summer days. Just as refreshing as the other two, and I would recommend it.
  • Dragonfruit Mango – I’ve never tried anything Dragonfruit-flavored before, but was pleasantly surprised. This was the tangiest of all of them with a sweet mango aftertaste that I was not mad about.

Overall, I thought Lemon Perfect was a game-changer. Each flavor was refreshing and healthy, and I did feel hydrated after drinking a bottle. They don’t taste artificial and are the best sugar-free beverages I’ve tried. You can get your own Lemon Perfect variety pack below.

Lemon Perfect Water Is Delivering More Than Flavored Water

The packaging is enticing as well. The bottle is skinny, which feels good in my hand, and the labels have simple graphics and copy and are matte to the touch – again, excellent hand feel. The branding gives a sense of a clean, young lemonade beverage, and Lemon Perfect’s marketing achieves that as well. They’ve also enlisted some pretty dope brand champions, including Philadelphia Eagles star Jalen Hurts and NFL prospects CJ Stroud and Luke Wypler. Like I said, a game changer. 

Jalen Hurts who recently became a Lemon Perfect ambassador. It showcases him in a lemon perfect t shirt and holding a football.
Jalen Hurts for Lemon Perfect (Source: instagram.com/lemonperfect)
CJ Stroud drinking Lemon Perfect Water while relaxing in a comfortable lounge chair. It showcases how refreshed CJ Stroud is after drinking their flavored water.
CJ Stroud for Lemon Perfect (Source: instagram.com/lemonperfect)

I would recommend Lemon Perfect Cold-Pressed Lemon Water if you’re looking to cut out other sugary beverages like soda and reap all the benefits of Lemon as a superfruit. Sound like you? You need to buy some right now. The good news is they have a pretty low price point at $1.99 per bottle, but you can also buy a whole pack in bulk on Amazon.

Happy sipping!

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