Why The Lover App Is A Performance Game Changer

Lover's app costs less than 30 minutes of traditional sex therapy, and gives you access to hundreds of exercises.

Can an app really make you better in bed? Solve your performance issues, or help you reach orgasm more easily? Even save your relationship? Meet the Lover app, the only FDA-Approved sexual wellness app.

Well Lover’s app claims to do just that. And before you laugh, the FDA have given it their stamp of approval too, along with over 250,000 customers – who are satisfied in more ways than one… 

So what’s all the fuss about? And why should you care? 

Well, there are few things as taboo as sex. But there are also few things as important as sex. Not just for our pleasure and entertainment, but for overall health and happiness.

Studies show that people who are engaged in regular sex enjoy lower blood pressure, better heart health and have a stronger immune system. They are also significantly less likely to suffer from depression of self-esteem issues. And their relationships are happier, healthier and longer-lasting. 

Sounds like a no-brainer right? You get to have sex, and you get all these benefits. Who wouldn’t want that? 

Well actually, many of us. It turns out, sex isn’t that easy – especially as we get older.

Did you know that in America, one in three long-term couples cannot remember the last time they have sex? 

One of the primary reasons for this are sexual dysfunctions, which are so common in America that 50% of women and 35% of men have experience of at least one. 

But here is the crazy part. Even though every second person is experiencing them and letting them de-rail their sex lives, 90% of people never do anything about it! Because they are too embarrassed to speak to anyone. 

Which aside from popping the blue pill, has been the only option. Until now. Enter the Lover app. 

What Is Lover And How Does Lover Work?

Designed by a team of Doctors from The Clinic in San Francisco, Lover is a self-therapy app. 

After downloading, you’ll be taken through their diagnostic process to identify which area of your sex life you want to work on.

For men, this could be anything from improving the strength and consistency of your erections, to being able to come more slowly (or more quickly!). 

For women, you might be looking to have your first orgasm. Or you might just want to orgasm more frequently. One of the most popular Lover courses is for women who can orgasm easily during masturbation, but struggle during sex with their partner. 

They also have some great courses on low sexual desire, which anyone can benefit from! 

Once you’ve been diagnosed, Lover create a personalized course of treatment exercises. Their content is really polished, and you’re led through your journey by Dr. Britney Blair, the Lover founder. 

Is It Legit? Does Lover Work?

In a word, yes – it seems to be legit. They have thousands of reviews on the App Store, with an impressive rating of 4.7 out of 5. 

More importantly, the FDA has made them the only sexual wellness app to gain STeP status. Which means they found Lover to be more effective and safe than alternative treatment technologies on the market today. 

This accolade was based on their customer feedback scores, which are overwhelmingly positive. In fact, 94% of men felt better about their erections after starting the ED course, while 91% of women felt they were able to climax more consistently. 

This is less surprising when you look at the team behind the app. Dr. Britney Blair is the leading sex therapist in California, and her team at The Clinic have already helped thousands of people improve their sex lives. 

In fact, Lover is really taking the exercises and techniques which sex therapists have used for decades, and putting them into a journey which has been personalized for your needs. 

The difference? Lover’s app costs less than 30 minutes of traditional sex therapy, and gives you access to hundreds of these exercises. Oh, and you never have to talk to anyone about your issue either! 

Does Lover Only Treat Sexual Dysfunctions?

Outside of the core treatment exercises,  the journeys themselves are packed with tips, tricks and techniques to help you become a better Lover. Whether it is mastering oral, making better use of your hands or simply learning more about what your partner actually wants – Lover promises to upgrade your sex life in every way.

And some of our favorite features of the Lover app aren’t actually part of these treatment journeys. Even better, you can access them for free! 

We definitely recommend checking out their infamous Turn-Ons game. Think Tinder, but for ideas you and your partner want to try in the bedroom. After you connect your profiles, you’ll start swiping through hundreds of sexy ideas – from BDSM to group play. You can swipe right on anything you want to try (but you’ve always been too embarrassed to ask!). 

And don’t worry, you only match when your partner also swipes right on the corresponding card – if not, your secret is safe!

The Lover Personality Tool is also great fun. Answer 32 questions and you’ll get to discover your Lover Personality type. Are you a Renegade or a Romantic? An Adventurer or an Altruist? The results are spookily accurate, and give you great tips for what you’re likely to enjoy in the bedroom, and areas you might want to put in a bit more work. 

Is The Lover App Free?

We get it. This app sounds amazing right? And you’re praying it’s free? Well we have good news and bad news.

The good news is that not only do you get the Turn-Ons game and the Profiling Tool for free, you also get a 3 Day Free Trial when you subscribe, to try out the treatment journeys. 

The bad news is that you need more than 3 days to really see an improvement, and you’ll need for continued access after that. There are two subscription options. You can subscribe for 3 months, which costs $59.99. Or you can sign up for annual access, which costs $119.99

We’d strongly recommend the latter, because there are so many journeys you can complete on Lover. Once you’ve treated your erection issues, or built more control over your orgasm – why not check out the Just Curious journey, which helps couples explore new areas of sex?

Or the Freshening Things Up course, which is designed for people who have hit that all too familiar sexual rut in their relationship.

Is The Lover App Worth It?

In our opinion, yes it is. Sex is such an important part of our lives – but when have you ever invested in it, like you invest in your fitness or education? 

Lover changes that. It gives you access to world class treatments and education, at a fraction of the cost of traditional sex therapy. 

And most importantly, it works. Their user data and FDA status makes that clear. For less than $9.99 per week, we think that is an investment worth making. 

Get Started With Science-Backed Exercises By Downloading Lover’s FDA-Approved App

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