My Honest Mosaic Foods Review

Mosaic Foods was definitely the right choice to help start my plant-based journey.

This is my Mosaic Foods review and actual experience.

How I got introduced to Mosaic Foods

Living in NYC, there definitely seems to be an unlimited amount of food options. But, after years of meat-heavy (and sometimes unhealthy) eating habits, I decided that I wanted to go plant-based.

While there were a bounty of options for carnivores out there, making the switch to more veg-forward food made eating vegan much tougher and much more expensive—the average vegan/vegetarian meal can cost up to $17! Between getting sick of only eating expensive takeout salads, wasting money on meal kits that often went left uncooked, and finding convenient, preservative-free food, I was a bit lost on how to keep up with my goal. Until a coworker introduced me to Mosaic Foods. This is my honest Mosaic Foods review.

One day, after one of my coworkers noticed that all I ever ate was expensive salads, they let me in on their healthy food secret. Enter: Mosaic Foods. 

They were founded to change the way people eat with an emphasis on meals heavy on plants and rich in hearty, whole-food ingredients. The duo behind this veg-forward brand saw the limited and often sometimes boring options available to vegans and vegetarians (not to mention the unhealthy frozen meals at the store packed with preservatives and weird ingredients). Along with rising food costs and a lack of time for people to cook, they knew they had to change something. They now make nutrient-rich, plant-based meals that are flash-frozen to preserve freshness and nutrients, and are ready in just minutes, saving you time and money. 

Mosaic Foods mouth-watering selection

That night after work, I found myself browsing Mosaic Foods easy-to-use site and was immediately sold by their extensive selection of vegan- and vegetarian-friendly meals. What’s more? They have soups, protein-packed oat bowls, and they partner with famous chefs for restaurant-inspired meals that you can enjoy at home! Starting at just $8.99 per meal, I knew Mosaic was going to be the perfect way to eat healthy and save money. They have a $70 order minimum which was easy to meet given the vast selection along with the long shelf-life of their frozen meals. I built my first order with a variety of tasty options including Tangy Thai Stir Fry and a Tuscan Pesto Bowl.

Mosaic Foods Review: My first delivery

My first order of meals arrived within days of ordering completely frozen in an insulated box with freezer bags. I unboxed my meals, popped them into the freezer, and now had food for the entire week! Plus, all of the packaging from the shipping box is fully recyclable. I had my first meal that night, the Tuscan Pesto Bowl, and all I had to do was put it in the microwave for just a few minutes straight from the freezer (if you don’t have a microwave, you can cook it on the stovetop in a pan). The meal was packed with roasted veggies, whole grains, and tons of flavor. It was the best thing I’d had in a while. The other meals didn’t disappoint either. I took a few to work to keep in the freezer and I could tell my coworkers were a little jealous!

What I Actually Thought Of My Mosaic Food

While I was a bit hesitant at first to start eating frozen food—it gets a lot of bad press—I quickly discovered that frozen food, when done right, can be just as healthy and sometimes healthier than fresh. Mosaic flash freezes all of their meals, which locks in a lot of nutrients that you might not normally find in fresh food. Plus, their entire selection of all-natural meals contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. The food overall was much better than anything I could ever cook, and I actually preferred it over takeout not just because it was nearly half the cost, but also because I just felt healthier eating it.

I can’t wait for my next delivery

Between the amount of money I’ve saved, the time I’ve gotten back by not having to cook, and how much healthier I generally feel, Mosaic Foods was definitely the right choice to help start my plant-based journey. Plus, with all of the options that they have available, I can see myself never getting bored with their food. While my first delivery was mainly Asian-inspired dishes, I can’t wait to try out other internationally inspired dishes that they have like French, Italian, Indian, and more.

Mosaic Foods is offering a limited-time discount to our readers! Use KNOW30 for $30 off your first two orders.


  1. Although I am interested, I would continue to eat chicken, eggs, and fish, so I’m not going all vegetarian nd vegan. I am on a tight budget, so would be interested in ordering every other week. Is this Possible? Your answers I would also address very spicy foods, which are out of the question.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. I am on the fence as to which plan to choose . I am gluten intolerant and do not eat much dairy. I do however want an occasional fish meal. I am very thin and need high calorie meals. I think Mosaic is not my best option. So I guess I will have to continue to search.

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