The Most Affordable Michelin Starred Restaurants

Armed with this list of the most affordable Michelin Starred restaurants, you don’t have to be a millionaire to taste the best of fine dining.

Michelin Starred restaurants have quite a reputation. They are famous for delivering dining experiences and inventive cuisine that sets them apart from your average eating establishments. But, they are also notoriously expensive, with a meal at some Michelin-starred restaurants costing more than $400 a person. Fortunately, you can still taste a Michelin Star restaurant experience without breaking the bank. The following is a list of affordable Michelin Starred restaurants worldwide.

La Table du General, Colombey-les-Deux-Églises, France

This charming hotel in Northeastern France and its associated restaurant La Table du General comes in as one of the most affordable Michelin Starred restaurants globally. World famous Chef Natali prepares traditional French fare from among the town’s famous native son General Charles de Gaulle’s favorites, particularly blanquette of veal and beef stew.

Cost: The 3-course tasting menu starts at 19.90€.

Edvard, Vienna, Austria

(Source: The Fork)

Located inside the Palais Hansen Kempinski Hotel in downtown Vienna, Edvard is a one Michelin Star eatery offering fine dining at a reasonable price. Their signature dish is Breton Sardine with eggplant and is a mus try when visiting.

Cost: Entrees start at 26€.

Borkonyha Winekitchen, Budapest, Hungary

With a prime location in the heart of Budapest, this one Michelin Star restaurant is famous for its extensive wine list and food. The cuisine has a Hungarian slant (naturally!) with fish, lamb, and beef at the heart of several entrees.

Cost: A la carte entrees start at $15.

Silabario, Vigo, Spain

(Source: Silabario)

Tucked under a glass dome on Spain’s Atlantic coast, Silabario features Galician-inspired cuisine with an artistic presentation. With various set menus for the table, guests can choose from several eclectic combinations for a delicious experience.

Cost: 3-course tasting menu, including appetizer, starter, entrée, and dessert, starts at 25€.

Three Coins, Taipei, Taiwan

(Source: Michelin)

If you find yourself in the Far East and would like to taste high-quality Cantonese cuisine with a dash of Taiwanese fare, Three Coins is your place. With an overt Chinese décor and creative dishes like seafood baked in papaya and steamed abalone with dried tomatoes, this is a good entry-level Michelin Starred restaurant experience for the budget-conscious gourmand. However, if you want to visit this restaurant, you better book a reservation far in advance.

Cost: Entrees start at approximately $35.

The Coach, Marlow, United Kingdom

Halfway between London and Oxford, The Coach is a quaint British eatery with a one Michelin Star rating. The menu is quite simple to understand, with the headings: Meat, No Meat, and Sweets. Gourmet versions of famous British dishes like Shepherd’s Pie and fried fish can be found along with more modern fare.

Cost: Entrees start at $15.

Schranners Waldhorn, Tübingen, Germany

This adorable inn surrounded by the verdant, storybook rolling hills of Southwestern Germany also boasts a one Michelin Star restaurant. They offer a variety of set menus offering artistic versions of traditional German cuisine.

Cost: Dishes start at approximately $36.

Picchi, São Paulo, Brazil

(Source: Picchi)

Nestled in the urban jungle of Brazil’s largest metropolis, Picchi dishes out delicious Italian food at reasonable prices for a one Michelin Star establishment. Chef Picchi creates nostalgic versions of his childhood favorites, blending Italian cuisine with Brazilian ingredients for a unique dining experience in a contemporary setting. This is our favorite affordable Michelin starred restaurant on the list.

Cost: Entrees start at about $37.

Michelin Starred restaurants are not for the faint of budget, but “you get what you pay for,” as the adage goes. Armed with this list of the most affordable Michelin Starred restaurants, you don’t have to be a millionaire to experience the wonderful world of fine dining.

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