How To Score An Atomix Reservation & Other Top NYC Reservations

Here's the secret to scoring NYC's top restaurant reservations.

Are you constantly refreshing your Resy app hoping that a table opens up at your favorite (yet slightly elusive) dinner spot? I spent months trying to score an Atomix Reservation. Atomix due its limited seats and recently being named the 33rd best restaurant in the world is the hardest reservation to score in New York City.

I was only able to score an Atomix reservation after learning that its reservations went live at a set time every month. Atomix isn’t the only restaurant following this method. We’ve mapped out the exact dates and times the top restaurants in New York City make their reservations available for you. Give your thumb a break from hitting that refresh button and read this article, as we map out when new reservations go live at the top restaurants in New York City.

Le Bernardin Reservations – 1st of the month, 7am

153 W 51st St, Manhattan – Reservations

Critics claim that ‘Le Bernardin is still NYC’s top seafood splurge’ even after 33 years, and we couldn’t agree more. The glamour of Le Bernardin can be found in the impeccable service, table design, lighting, and elegant murmur of the other guests around you. Above all…the seafood. With four-course prix fixe meals, most notable orders include Sea Trout Tartare, Langoustine, Tuna with Foie Gras, and barely-cooked-to-perfection Salmon.

The three Michelin star restaurant near Times Square is a highly coveted reservation, with New Yorkers clamoring for a chance to taste chef and co-owner Eric Ripert’s elevated and inspired menu since reopening in 2021. So how are we securing such a sought-after reservation at Le Bernardin? Reservations open on the 1st of each month at 7am (set your alarms). You can book on OpenTable or Resy, or even give them an old-school phone call.

Reservations at Le Bernardin
Le Bernardin Sea Trout: Lightly Smoked Sea Trout Tartare; Meyer Lemon Jelly, Black Pepper Crisp, Vodka Crème Fraîche. Source: @lebernardinny
Le Bernardin Barely Cooked Salmon with English Peas and Razor Clam Ragoût, Ginger Marinière. Source: @leberardinny

New Atomix Reservation Go Live The 1st of the month at 3pm

104 E 30th St, Manhattan – Reservations

Behind an unmarked doorbell on an East 30th Street residential building, lies possibly the best high-end Korean food and dining experience that NYC has to offer. And Atomix is not your typical tasting-menu reservation. Recently named the 33rd best restaurant in THE WORLD in 2022, each dish is thoroughly explained on decorative notecards and gives guests a meaningful walkthrough of each and every ingredient.

Owner and world-renowned food scientist Junghyun Park (who is also the creator of Jungsick and minimalist NYC bistro, Atoboy) creates an exclusive, and elegantly sexy dining experience. The 11-course tasting menu starts small and chilled as dinner works its way up to dishes like battered wagyu, and duck cooked to perfection topped with Korean-inspired mole sauce. Red Seabream with Lemongrass meringue; King Crab donut with Myeongran and salted strawberry ketchup; Langoustine with doenjang caramel and parae gim powder; Sea urchin juk with spinach and jalapeño with horse mackerel – to name a few more of Chef Park’s decadent plates.

There are only 14 chairs in the lounge-like dining area, which makes reservations tough to come by. But that’s why you’re here, right? If you want a seat at the granite u-shaped countertop, you’ll have to book a month in advance. There are two sittings per night, and they’re usually sold out. Reservations open on the first of each month, at 3pm sharp.

Reservations at Atomix
Atomix reservation: Bonito, Foie gras, Abalone, Doenjang’ from the summer ’21 tasting menu. Source: @atomixnyc
Atomix Chef’s Counter tasting menu experience. Source: atomixnyc
Atomix receives the Gin Mare ‘Art of Hospitality’ award, and is named #33 on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2022. Source: @atomixnyc

Don Angie Reservations– 7 days in advance, 9am sharp

103 Greenwich Ave, Manhattan – Reservations

Don Angie is the perfect place to bring a few friends. This modern Italian American spot in the West Village boasts large, shareable dishes, and has something on the menu for everyone. No wonder it’s tricky to get a reservation.

Chefs Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli reimagine and elevate classic Italian dishes in a clean, yet old school ambiance, with decor featuring soft lighting, rounded archways, and black and white checkered floors. Order the Gnocchi to share, along with the Chrsanthemum salad and garlic flatbread. If your mouth is watering already, be sure to visit Resy or Don Angie’s website one week in advance (at 9am) for a reservation. Or if you’re feeling lucky, wait for a walk-in seat at the bar – which can take upwards of 45 minutes to be seated. We promise it’s worth the wait.

Reservations at Don Angie
Don Angie Pinwheel Lasagna, with mozzarella, tomato sauce, and sweet Italian sausage. Source: @donangienyc
Don Angie Chrysanthemum Salad. Source: @donangienyc

Carbone Reservations – 1st of the month, 10am

181 Thompson St, Manhattan – Reservations

Spicy Rigatoni, off-menu meatballs, waiters in suits – oh my! Carbone is a NYC staple for red-sauce Italian food, and someplace you want to go for a special occasion. Paying homage to old-school establishments, we recommend ordering the baked clams, lobster fra Diavlo, veal Marsala, and of course the legendary spicy reigatoni.

Even if you’re well-connected in New York City, getting a reservation at Carbone might still be difficult. They do not take walk-ins at all. Even Justin Bieber tried to sneak in once sans reservation, and they turned him away. Seats open up on the first of the month at 10am – have I said “set your alarm” yet?

Reservations at Carbone
Carbone Spicy Rigatoni. Source: @mariocarbone

I Sodi – 2 weeks in advance, 12am

105 Christopher St, Manhattan – Reservations

I Sodi is a decades-old Tuscan restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village. If you’re in the mood for pasta, this is your spot (if you can get a reservation). The pappardelle al limone is a plate of lemony, buttery goodness that is good to the last bite. The lasagna Carciofi is also a subtle favorite, featuring thin layers of pasta that give way to homemade bechamel and artichoke. MMM!

Many a New York diner have said that getting a reservation at I Sodi is impossible, but we have the hookup. Little known secret is that they reserve 16 seats available for walk-ins. Strolling through around 6pm one night and putting your name in with the host might be the best way to get a table. Otherwise, reservations open up two weeks in advance at midnight.

Reservations at I Sodi
I Sodi Lasagna. Source: @ritasodi

Happy eating!

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