9 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money Online

No doubt times are tough for many people relying on the government to help them get through this until they can start working again. Even in this economy, the ability to make extra money online has never been easier.

Make Extra Money Online

With the COVID-19 virus pandemic, over 22 million people are currently unemployed in the United States. No doubt times are tough for many people relying on the government to help them get through this until they can start working again. Even in this economy, the ability to make extra money online has never been easier.

If you happen to be unemployed, or you know others who are, know that there are some ways you can earn income while unemployed. There are ways to make money online that may very well be just what you need to get by. In fact, you may discover that you truly love having the freedom to make extra money online.

Here are 9 websites that Knowpert has highlighted to provide you with easy ways to make money from home.

1. Turo

(Photo via Turo)

Turo is the world’s largest car sharing marketplace. If you have a vehicle, you can share it and earn extra money. Simply sign on with Turo, list your vehicle for free, set your price and guidelines, and let guests rent it when you say it’s available. 

Insurance-wise, you’re covered up to $1 million dollars liability insurance. You’ll also be able to have physical damage protection, just in case something happens to your vehicle in the hands of another. 

Turo is free to sign up and it’s free to list your vehicle. You get paid direct deposit a few days after you’ve loaned your auto out. Some vehicle owners using Turo report earning up to around $700 per month, which is some fabulous cash in the pocket!


2. Survey Junkie 

(Photo via Survey Junkie)

SurveyJunkie.com is an online survey site where you can earn cash for taking surveys for various companies. It’s free to join. Simply create a profile and you’ll have surveys sent to you that you can fill out.  You earn a certain amount of points per survey, which usually equals to about $1 to $3 each. This may not sound like a lot, but little by little, they add up. You may not get rich being a Survey Junkie, but you can earn some extra cash each month if you’re consistent. 

Make extra money online with SurveyJunkie

3. Upwork

(Photo via Upwork)

Upwork.com is one of the best places to earn extra money freelancing. I actually was hired via upwork to write this piece. Upwork is one of the largest global freelancing platforms where freelancers connect with various businesses needing work done. If you’ve got some skills to offer to businesses and entrepreneurs, you’ll want to check Upwork out.  

Freelance categories include graphic design, writing, sales, accounting, administration support, design, engineering, IT, marketing, translation, web design, legal, architecture, and more. It’s free to create an account and you’ll get to bid on jobs that have been listed by individuals and companies needing work done. Keep in mind you only get a certain number of bids with a free account, so you may want to upgrade to gain additional “bids” so you can apply for more jobs. 

Once you create an account, simply create your profile and get started bidding on jobs. You can earn quite a bit of money with this giant freelancer platform. 

Use your skills and start earning extra money on UpWork.

4. Swagbucks 

(Photo via Swagbucks)

Swagbucks is an American rewards and loyalty site where you can earn a certain number of points by taking surveys, shopping, video watching, and playing games. The more time you do these things, the more points you get. Those points can ultimately be redeemed for cash, usually in terms of a gift card. Users state that they don’t earn a ton with Swagbucks, but there is opportunity to bring in small amounts of extra cash consistently. 

Earn extra money with Swagbucks.

5. Offerup 

(Photo via Offerup)

If you love to sell things, OfferUp is a great platform for listing and selling those things you no longer want or need.  It’s much like eBay, with the exception that it’s geared toward buyers and sellers that are local. Simply list your items for your local area and meet the person who buys them. You can sell furniture, clothes, toys, autos, electronics, and more. It’s free to list your items and you can get paid in a variety of ways.

Make extra money with OfferUp.

6. InboxDollars 

(Photo via InboxDollars)

Inbox Dollars makes it easy for you to make extra money with coupons. You’re going to buy things, so why not get paid for it. You’ll get paid 1-cent for each coupon you print out.  When you take that coupon and redeem it in the store, you’ll get 10 cents. You can earn some side-hustle money using coupons for things you already purchase at the store. 

Spend & save with InboxDollars.

7. Next Wave Advocacy, LLC 

We’ve all heard the saying, politics doesn’t pay. But with Next Wave Advocacy, you can make extra money working from home in politics. If you enjoy politics, Next Wave Advocacy is a company that caters to those seeking remote positions to work on current political campaigns. You may land a position making phone calls or writing; both giving you access to help get and mobilize campaign supporters. 

8. Nielson Research 

Connect your technology devices and get rewarded for watching shows. Nielson research invites users to sign up using an app that tracks what shows they’re watching. You’ll get entered into sweepstakes contests and have the opportunity to earn other rewards as you stream entertainment. 

9. Fetch Rewards 

Chances are you accumulate lots of receipts from the stores you shop at. Fetch Rewards helps you earn money back from those purchases. All you have to do is download the app and scan your receipts. You build points as you add your receipts, and you can accumulate points to cash them in for gift cards to popular places like Walmart, Amazon, and more. 

Now, get busy making that extra cash and have fun in the process. 

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