9 of the Most Absurdly Expensive Travel Blankets

If you’d rather be Gucci and cashmere comfortable, you can spend the same amount on travel blankets as you would on a 10-hour flight.

Travel blankets aren’t a complicated concept. It is a blanket designed for travel. Compact, lightweight, and warm, a travel blanket might fit snugly into your carry-on or roll-up for a perfect fit in your car trunk or picnic basket. Different types of travel blankets, depending on size and material, are excellent for different types of trips — air travel, camping, or hanging out at the park. But in reality, it’s such a simple device that it’s going to make you violently upset when you see how much some of them cost. 

Yes, if you’d rather be supremely, impossibly, Gucci and cashmere comfortable, you can spend about the same amount on a travel blanket as you would for a 10-hour flight. Put it this way. Let’s say you have $1200. Would you rather risk a chill on the way to Sri Lanka, or take a 45-minute flight to, say, Gary, Indiana, but have the coziest nap of your life? If you choose one of the travel blankets below and opt for Gary, you’ll be spending about the same amount of cash as the blanketless fool who chooses Sri Lanka.

But boy if you won’t look good and cozy while you get there. Here are nine of the most expensive travel blankets this side of the internet. 

#1 On Our Travel Blankets List: Jil Sander Foliage Print Roll-Up

$2520 at Farfetch.com

(Image via Farfetch.com)

From German fashion designer Jill Sander, a travel blanket rolls up its intriguing foliage print into a 70 by 28-inch blanket that’s perfect for on-the-go luxury sitting, as long as you’re not sitting in the dirt. Made of synthetic fiber viscose on the outside and polyester on the inside, it’s made in Italy, and you’ll have to pay import duties (already included in the price). That said, if you’re dropping the cost of what we can only imagine is a month’s rent in downtown Milan, you probably aren’t the type to worry about duty. You can take this beaut to a picnic in the park and yell at anyone who tries to eat on it.  

#2: Prada Re-Nylon Travel Blanket

$1,470 at Prada.com

Ever have a friend ask if you want to go camping, but you already have plans that weekend to flaunt your Prada all around town? The Prada Nylon travel blanket solves that issue instantly.  And don’t feel any guilt about spending the same on a blanket as it would have taken to save an endangered species or two. This highly portable, functional product is made from re-nylon, a fabric constructed from recycled ocean plastics. Finally. Get you a blanket that can do both. 

#3: Our Cashmere Travel Blankets Recommendation

$800 at Beggxco.com

This one’s all about context. Well, yes, the context is that it’s extremely expensive. But besides that, depending on your state of mind or location, this is either a gorgeous shawl or an extremely cozy travel blanket. It would be such a shame to wear this 100% cashmere, mill-woven piece into an airplane bathroom — but such is life. Comfort is paramount.

#5: Rona Papuan Washed Cashmere Travel Blanket

$550 at Beggxco.com

Ah, and here’s a travel blanket slash shawl specifically for men. 100% cashmere, of course; it’s about three by four feet when unwrapped, but lightweight enough to take on the go or fold into your bag on the plane. Plus, the orange makes for a snappy fall statement that says, I’m comfortable… and I’m rich… and how long is this flight to Bora Bora? We adore a shawl-blanket-combo.

#5: Sofia Cashmere Sleepy Aero Travel Set

$395 at Modesens.com

An all-matching, all cashmere travel set that includes a travel blanket, eye mask, and compact little zipper bag to hold it all in. Sure, you could pull a hoodie down over your head for basically free, but how would people know you’re sleeping if you didn’t have “Zzzz” written on your eye mask? Exactly. This is worth it. 

#6: Oyuna Travel Blanket

$395 at Garmentory.com

This is a travel blanket that knows how to travel. Not only does it work as an outrageously comfortable shawl, it also folds up with a leather strap to make what looks to us like a very soft pillow. Ask yourself: have the prices on this list made you jaded, or does this feel like an incredible deal? 

#8: Westley Richards Wool Travel Blanket in Midnight

$265 at Westleyrichards.com

Wool is great for warmth, which means it’s great for a travel blanket. This isn’t one you’re going to take on a plane, but if you find yourself on the way to a nighttime star-gazing session in a pristine field, it has an extremely snazzy buckle strap that makes it look like a little cozy briefcase. Plus, you get to discover what “midnight” means as a color.

#9: Yeti Lowlands Blanket

$200 at Amazon.com

Alright, so you’ve seen so many ridiculous prices on this list that $200 for a travel blanket is starting to sound downright reasonable. This one has a waterproof outside with a soft, insulated inside, designed for the elements so dirt and burrs roll right off it. Machine washable and it comes with a carry bag that looks like a portable little coffin. 

Okay, so not all travel blankets are exorbitantly expensive. 

BONUS: The BlueHills Premium Soft Travel Blanket

$29 at Amazon.com

You’ve seen the most expensive, but let’s be honest, you’re probably not buying them. Meanwhile, here’s a travel blanket that weighs in at a cool $28, and is absolutely perfect for air travel. Not only is it soft and cozy, when it’s in its carrying case (less than a foot long on either side), it can double as a soft pillow.

The belt on the end allows you to attach it on the side of your luggage — if you don’t want to make room actually inside your carry-on — and it’s big enough (5 by 3.5 feet) when unfolded to do the all-important job of keeping you warm. And it’s only .0001% of the cost of a flight to Sri Lanka. Best of all worlds.  

If you’re looking for a travel blanket for a solo trip, read the 10 Things You Need When Traveling Solo.

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