5 Travel Neck Pillows That Will Cost You More Than The Flight

If you or someone you know is a frequent flyer with money to burn, these expensive travel pillows are the perfect gift.

Spare absolutely no expense to travel in luxury with these expensive travel neck pillows

I wrote an article about upgrading your travel experience with the best travel accessories to make you feel like you’re flying first class. That was for affordable hacks to take you from couch to comfort. This is a list of the travel neck pillows that’ll cost you more than your actual flight. We didn’t know that was possible until completing this list.

Most Expensive Travel Neck Pillow

Loro Piana Cashmere Travel Pillow – $560

I’ll preface this by saying that Loro Piana is an Italian brand owned by LVMH, the parent company of luxury brands Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, and the like. Loro Piana sells various cashmere and leather goods to the upper echelon of consumers. So, it is no surprise that their cashmere travel pillow costs nearly $600.

Aren’t all neck pillows the same in principle, you ask? Not, as the luxury that this one provides will cost you your firstborn child and a handful of magic beans. Loro Piana’s cashmere travel pillow is well-crafted and sophisticated and comes in three colors – Olive Green, Camel, and Dark Twilight.

No matter what color you choose, one side is soft and cozy cashmere, while the other is a classic microfiber. It’s silky to the touch, lightweight, and wrinkle-resistant (a problem I frequently encounter is a wrinkly travel pillow). Loro Piana’s pillows are made in Italy and are exclusively available on their website.

A Loro Piana Alpaca Neck Pillow.
Loro Piana Cashmere Travel Neck Pillow (source: ii.loropiana.com)

Top Designed Travel Neck Pillow

Lauren Manoogian Alpaca Neck Pillow – $250

We found this one at La Garçonne, a luxury fashion shop on Greenwich Street just South of New York City’s Greenwich Village. The lofty store is known for its carefully curated designer selections, so we knew this travel neck pillow would be up there with the last one.

Lauren Manoogian is a designer of woven goods, knitwear, and leather…that costs a lot of money. One-click to the site reveals a soft balaclava for $230 and a cargo vest (in the same alabaster color) for $590. No surprise that the second most expensive travel pillow on our list costs $250.

The Lauren Manoogian Alpaca comes in two colors – white and putty. But they are part of the alabaster family I mentioned before. Neutrals. The pillow is handmade in Peru from 100% baby alpaca bouclé. If I could afford this luxury travel experience, I would not be writing freelance articles for a living.

Most Expensive Travel Pillows
Lauren Manoogian Alpaca Neck Pillow in color putty (source: lagarconne.com)

Manliest Travel Pillow

My Jet Luxopedic Havana Travel Pillow – $249

My Jet Luxopedic Travel Pillows is a brand boasting “an innovative departure from the traditional travel pillow.” You can genuinely support your unique (and very rich) head and neck. Physicians design the pillow. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to spend the price of a plane ticket to avoid a neck kink while on a flight.

An internal system lets you adjust the pillow height, firmness, AND temperature. Designed to give you gentle neck traction, nerve decompression, and comfortable stabilization, this travel pillow may be worth the $249 price tag.

They have a few colors, but the Havana style is expensive. But this one iand s definitely for the manliest of outdoorsy men…cue the manly buzzwords now. Unlike other travel neck pillows on this list, this one is crafted from full-grain tawny calfskin crackled leather, supple New Zealand deerskin waxed black leather, and features a performance cotton-spandex blend upper.

A leather travel neck pillow attached to an outdoorsy book-bag.
(source: myjetpillow.com)

Breo iNeck 3 Pro Neck Massager – $199

If you love self-care as I do, you’ve probably heard of Breo. They make a long line of sleek wellness products for different (and specific) ailments – scalp massagers to eye massagers, feet massagers to hand massagers, oh my! You can get this travel neck pillow and neck massager…for almost $200.

The Breo iNeck 3 Pro takes in-flight service to a whole new meaning. The hands-free design uses an orbital massage technique to knead your neck on the go deeply. It serves as a neck pillow and heats up to melt away all the tension and stress you’ve built up while traveling.

A massaging travel neck pillow being worn by a woman.
Pull on the straps to enhance the deep neck kneading (source: us.breo.com)

Slip Frequent Flyer Travel Set – $150

Coming in as the cheapest travel pillow on our list, this one from Slip comes with more than just neck support. The travel set comes with a travel pillow, silk sleep mask, and a luxury facemask. It makes it sort of worth it. You be the judge.

The Slip brand is known for its trademark SlipSilk fabric, which is objectively better (and fancier) than regular cotton pillowcases. This travel pillow and accessories are made with Slip’s trademarked long-fiber mulberry silk and include no harmful or toxic ingredients or dyes. There are tons of benefits to silk pillowcases, and at $150, we’re glad that this one has them – good for your skin, anti-aging, wrinkle prevention, and anti-frizz, aka great for your hair.  

A silk travel neck pillow and silk sleep mask.
Slip Frequent Flyer Travel Set (source: slip.com)

If you or someone you know is a frequent flyer with money to burn, these travel neck pillows are the perfect gift.

Happy traveling!

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