7 Best Luxury Pool Floats for Lavish Poolside Relaxation

These top-notch luxury pool floats take poolside relaxation to a whole new level, offering comfort, style, and unparalleled indulgence.

There’s no better way to bask in the sun and enjoy a pool day than with luxurious pool floats. These top-notch inflatables take poolside relaxation to a new level, offering comfort, style, and unparalleled indulgence. If you’re looking to elevate your pool experience, here are the 7 leading brands in the luxury pool float space:  

1. Frontgate

Frontgate is synonymous with luxury, and their pool floats are no exception. Crafted from premium materials and designed for ultimate comfort, Frontgate’s floats come in a variety of styles, from the classic pool lounger to the giant animal-shaped floats. With sturdy construction and exquisite attention to detail, Frontgate pool floats exude luxury and sophistication.  

A woman lounging in frontgate's pool float.
The Lana Island Hammock from Frontgate. (Source: frontgate.com)


FUNBOY takes pool floats to the next level with its eye-catching designs and unique collaborations. Their floats are not just for lounging; they are statement pieces that add flair to any pool party. From luxurious day beds to glittering angel wings, FUNBOY’s floats are made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and comfort.  

pool floats
The Clear Pink Glitter Flamingo from FUNBOY (source: funboy.com)

As we know, the devil works hard, but the Barbie marketing team works harder. FUNBOY and Barbie collaborated on a line of luxury pool floats that are totally a Ken out of Ken (10/10, get it?). Lounge in the Malibu Barbie Golf Cart pool float or sail away in luxury on the bright pink Speed Boat.  

Couple laying in a fun boy pool float.
The Retro Pink Convertible from the Barbie x FUNBOY Collab. (Source: funboy.com)


For those seeking trendy and playful luxury pool floats, SUNNYLiFE has you covered. Their floats come in various fun shapes and prints, from retro radios to tropical fruit – and even a perfume bottle to lie in the lap of luxury. Made with top-quality PVC, SUNNYLiFE’s floats offer excellent buoyancy and stability, ensuring a relaxing and carefree experience in the water.  

A woman poses with Sunny Life's luxury pool float.
This Luxe Lie-On Float screams luxury. (Source: sunnylife.com)

4. Floating Luxuries

As the name suggests, Floating Luxuries is the epitome of indulgence and elegance when it comes to luxury pool floats. One of the standout features of Floating Luxuries’ pool floats is the attention to detail in their design. Each float is meticulously crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring comfort and durability. These floats are built to last, from the soft, plush fabric to the sturdy construction. Many of their floats are made with eco-friendly materials, making every purchase a luxurious indulgence and an environmentally conscious choice.    

A woman relaxing on a luxury pool float.
The super comfy Kai pool float from Floating Luxuries. (Source: floatingluxuries.com)

The selection of floats offered by Floating Luxuries is both diverse and sophisticated. Whether you prefer a classic chaise lounge for laid-back lounging or a luxurious canopy float for shade and relaxation, they have a float for every preference and style.    

5. Aqua-Leisure

 Aqua-Leisure specializes in innovative luxury pool floats that cater to the whole family. Their floats feature unique designs like recliners with built-in cup holders and canopies for shade.  Nothing says luxury like floating in a pool with your drink.

While the pool floats from Aqua-Leisure are more affordable than some of the other options listed, they do not spare on luxury. Made with premium materials, Aqua Leisure’s floats combine style, function, and comfort for an exceptional poolside experience.  

pool floats
The Luxury Lounger from Aqua-Leisure is only $40! (source: aqualeisure.com)


 One of the standout features of BŌTE’s luxury pool floats is their price point. Made with top-notch quality and innovative design, their luxury pool floats are super versatile. Designed to be more than just a floating lounger, their floats have various features that enhance the overall experience. From built-in cup holders to more excellent storage, these floats cater to every need, making pool days (or lake days) even more enjoyable.  

A group hanging out on Bote pool float.
Fun for the whole family with the Inflatable Hangout Water Hammock. (Source: boteboard.com)

The attention to detail in their craftsmanship is evident in the fine materials and sturdy construction used. BŌTE’s floats are made to withstand the rigors of poolside use and retain their elegance over time. The premium materials ensure ultimate comfort, providing a luxurious feel while lounging in the water.  

7. GoFloats

 Another somewhat affordable brand that brings luxury pool floats to the masses. GoFloats offers a variety of luxury pool floats that make a splash with their quirky and imaginative designs. From oversized unicorns to inflatable speedboats, all their designs are made with heavy-duty materials. We love GoFloats  because they ensure their floats are as durable as they are delightful.    

Man hanging out on go floats luxury pool float
The Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float comes with a mini unicorn cup holder! (Source: gofloats.com)

Regarding luxury pool floats, these 7 brands have set the standard for luxury, comfort, and style. Whether you prefer classic, elegant designs or fun and whimsical shapes, a luxury pool float suits every taste and preference. From Frontgate’s sophistication to FUNBOY’s creativity and SUNNYLiFE’s playfulness, these top brands will elevate your poolside relaxation to new heights. So, indulge in comfort and luxury with one of these premium pool floats and turn every pool day into a sumptuous escape.

Source: Sunnylife.com

Happy floating!

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