I Replaced Sports Betting With Mojo And Never Looked Back

Mojo is my dream app – it’s finance meets sports gambler. Prices rise and fall with every key piece of the action on the field.

Did you ever wish your accurate predictions of an athlete’s career outcomes could make you money? And a lot of money potentially? Meet Mojo sports betting, the world’s first sports stock market.

I’ve been a sports fan and have followed some athletes from Draft Day through their careers. If given a chance, I will usually bet on anything…not just the money line of a matchup or over/under how many extra points will be scored. The problem is that I could lose everything when I’m wrong (which I am more often than not). And I’m often wrong. Even in Fantasy, the luck of the draft order leaves me shafted more often than not.

How The Mojo Sports Stock Market Works

Enter: the ultimate alternative asset in sports. MOJO sports betting. It is a first-of-its-kind trading platform that changes how sports fans interact with athletes through an investment platform and betting platform.

It’s honestly my dream app – it’s finance meets sports gambler. Mojo is a sports stock market where you can invest and make bets on athletes-like stocks. You can buy ‘futures,’ betting that a player’s value will increase as his career progresses – go long on a hot take or short an athlete’s stock if you expect their career to tank. An athlete’s share price is the expectation for their retirement payout value, which changes constantly based on performance, news, and anything else that affects the market’s expectations for career-ending value. 

The stock price of NFL players on Mojo's Sports betting app.
Mojo App Screenshot: Search athletes by name, rookies v. vets , or position.

Their Unique Sports Betting Market

Think someone is underrated? Go long to make money as their stock price rises. Think an athlete is completely overrated? Short their stock to make money as the stock price drops.

They base it on an objective statistical formula called Mojo Value that assigns guaranteed dollar values to key boxscores. The team behind the app has relentlessly studied NFL statistics to measure a player’s impact holistically – the better the athlete, the more Mojo Value you can expect over time. It’s a ratio. The algorithm compares an athlete’s banked Value (the value of the stats from previous games) and future Mojo Value (the expectation of future statistics) and will change over time. And when that athlete retires, your payout will be $1 per career Mojo Value per share.

Three different players career status featured on the screen in Mojo.
The share price is the market’s best guess at career-ending Mojo Value.

There are no off-days or off-seasons on Mojo, with constant share price movement. Even events in a player’s public and private life could affect your payout. We saw Tom Brady’s stock price fall following his public divorce from Giselle.

Three different NFL quarterbacks with their corresponding stock prices on Mojo's app. It highlights the different opportunities on the app.
The growth of Tom Brady's share price on mojo's sports betting app from $3.27 to $178.13.
Mojo App Screenshot: Watch player stocks rise and fall in real time.

The app initially launched for 450+ NFL and college football player stocks, which led me to give it a try after losing several prop bets. But just last week, Mojo sports betting launched their NBA I’ll build my Pro Bowl dream team by investing in player stock and putting my money into athletes significantly undervalued. I wish I bet on Brock Purdy & Jalen Hurts, they saw their value jump by more than 75%. But what I love most about Mojo sports betting is their Multiplier feature. I can make even more money with their free Multipliers feature.

An explanation of Mojo's unique sports betting feature the multipliers.
Mojo App Screenshot: Use the Multiplier feature to customize your risk/reward and juice your returns for free!

What Drives The Mojo Sports Betting Market?

Prices rise and fall with every critical piece of the action on the field, but on Mojo, you can cash out at any time. Since the payouts are backed by 100% guaranteed liquidity, you don’t need a buyer/seller match to trade shares, and it’s not an all-or-nothing bet. And personally, as a Giants fan, I Love that reassurance and appreciate the safety net. My prediction (that I will be using the Mojo sports App to cash in on) is that the newly drafted QB Malik Willis will have a breakout career and replaces Daniel Jones.

I love the experience on Mojo’s sports betting app. Mojo is giving every new trader $100 FREE for a limited time to get started. Take advantage of this opportunity with our exclusive link and download the app today.

UPDATE: Mojo Betting officially launched NBA sports betting. You can now take advantage of undervalued players before the market prices in their upside.

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