How Yumble Kids Is Changing Kids Mealtime For Our Family

Thank you to Yumble's meals for transforming our back-to-school stress and hectic schedules into time (and food) my family actually enjoys.

Everyone is gearing up for back to school, and for our little family that means gearing up for busy schedules. As a working mom with two kids under 7, this is my Olympics. I’m hurdling over work, school, buying supplies, daycare for the little one, running to activities and playdates – all while making sure they eat healthy, organic meals that they actually enjoy. And with my oldest (7) picky eater and youngest (4) with celiac, that last one is a tough. I am a girl boss, but I won’t gate keep. Yumble Kids saved our schedules.

How I Found Yumble Kids

I first heard about Yumble Kids when my oldest was at our neighbor’s apartment for a playdate with a friend their age. When I went to pick him up, he had a small, colorfully packaged meal that read Say Cheese! Nuggets. My neighbor informed me that since she had ordered too much and my kid loved it at lunchtime, she’s sending him home with an extra to try. Which was perfect since I had a client meeting run over and didn’t have time to cook dinner. I never said I was perfect.

MY KIDS LOVED YUMBLE KIDS MEALS. Both of them. They ate every single bite and begged me to order more on the spot.

Yumble is designed for moms, by moms, so it was no surprise that the ordering process was quick and easy. You can filter by age range and dietary restrictions, so if you have a vegetarian or gluten free child like me, they make it super simple.

I tried to choose food combinations that were new to my kids, and I had struggled to get them to eat in the past (hello peas and broccoli). And I love that the kids got to pick out their own meals. After that Yumble lets you pick a date for your first order to arrive and lets you know that a new shipment will be delivered weekly.

My mornings are often a hectic rush, and someone usually leaves the house with one wrong shoe or their shirt on backwards. So for the first order, we picked four breakfast meals to solve for when I’m most tied up. We also had the kiddos pick out four lunches that looked good, this way I’ll know they’re eating nutritious meals at school and day care, even when I don’t have time to make lunch. All the meals are microwavable in about 60-90 seconds. We don’t have to wait long for meals to be ready, and I don’t have to wash any dishes. WIN – WIN.

With Yumble Kids, my mornings have never been smoother. Here’s what we tried:

–        Happily Apple-y Pear Pocket & Eggs

–        French Toast & Frittata Breakfast

–        Garden Veggie Sesame Bagel

–        Coco-Cocoa Snack Poppers (gluten free!)

–        Say Cheese! Nuggets & Veggies (gluten free!)

–        Chick N Casserole (gluten free!)

–        Grilled Chicken Superfood & Fruit Lunch

–        Orange-You-Glad Chicken Bowl (gluten free!)

The first order arrived so quickly, and the unboxing made me feel like an influencer. The packaging is colorful, and the branding makes it fun for the kiddos to get involved in their own mealtime experience. The lunch meals fit perfectly in their lunchboxes. Yumble even has lunch-ready meals that don’t have to be microwaved at all – a healthy organic ‘lunchable’ I can feel confident in my kids eating.

The verdict: I 100% recommend Yumble Kids to all the busy, working, girl-bossing moms out there. The ordering process is smooth, the food is fresh, the deliveries come on time, and my kids devour them at home and at school. Plus! They are running a promo until 9/15 where you can order the limited time, 8-meal back-to-school box for 50% off.

So thank you to my neighbor down the hall for introducing us to Yumble. And thank you to Yumble’s meals for transforming our back-to-school stress and hectic schedules into time (and food) my family actually enjoys.

Happy eating!

Back To School Special: For Our Readers, Get 50% Off Your First Order Of Yumble Kid’s Meals.

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