Why 1520 Will Change Grocery Shopping Forever

When I first came across 1520's app, I didn't think delivering groceries in under 20 minutes was possible.

The days of grocery delivery being the exception rather than the norm are long behind us. Enter 1520—a grocery delivery service that’s built around a unique premise: groceries delivered in under 20 minutes or it’s free. When I first came across 1520’s app, I didn’t think delivering groceries in under 20 minutes was possible. This is my honest 1520 review.

I’m admittedly old-school and consider grocery shopping an enjoyable hobby, so I’ve never ordered groceries online. However, the promise of getting what I needed quickly—and without leaving my couch—was too alluring to pass up. So, I downloaded 1520’s app to give it a try. Truthfully, I doubted 1520 could deliver groceries in under 20 minutes, but mine arrived in 13 minutes.

My Review:

My order was the definition of chaos. Paper straws, soy sauce, frozen waffles, and microwave popcorn all found their way into my cart. I was surprised that 1520 had every single item I was looking to order. As patched together as my collection of items was, the ordering process was decidedly simple and cohesive. I used the search feature for a few items but enjoyed browsing the app’s selection by category.

Unlike many online services, setting up my profile was a breeze. After placing the order, I looked at the clock, eager to see if the service lived up to its promise. As promised, my order arrived in an impressive 13 minutes. It would have taken me more time to walk to the grocery store.

1520 Vs. The Grocery Store

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Was using 1520 comparable to going to the grocery store? The short answer is it’s better than a grocery store in nearly all aspects. However, what stood out to me most was how perfectly categorized the items were on the app.

1520 also sells ‘local favorites,’ and resisting the Levain cookies calling my name made the experience feel more like visiting a local vendor. In comparison, the selection was less than a full grocery store, but the convenience and local selection made up for it. The prices were in line with most grocery stores, and the zero delivery fees made it feel like a bargain.

Not to mention, with 1520, there are no lines to get in the grocery store and no checkout lines to wait on before leaving. Best of all, instead of carrying my groceries on a long walk home, 1520 delivered them to my door. So even after tipping, I still spent less than I would have if I’d made a run to the market and saved nearly an hour in the time it’d take me to shop.

Overall, I will 100% use 1520 again. This is high praise from someone like me who loves actual grocery stores and is somewhat resistant to ordering things online. Waiting for my groceries to arrive while I scrolled through my phone felt luxurious, but I imagine ordering an item you forgot you needed for a recipe would make the app feel like a life-saver.

The only thing I didn’t love about the experience was that there’s no way to view the nutrition facts or ingredients in each item, which could be problematic for someone with dietary restrictions or allergies. That said, being able to get my groceries delivered so quickly (and cost-effectively) is more than enough to outweigh not being able to see how many calories are in a bag of chips. 

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Would I prefer using 1520 to my usual grocery store runs? Absolutely! While I genuinely enjoy going to the store in person, the grocery store can’t compete with the convenience of 1520. Therefore, if 1520 continues delivering groceries in under 20 minutes, I will be using 1520 instead of going to the store.

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